Nobody gave a damn …


I went to social services as I needed an adapted wet room, as I couldn’t bath and it took four years to get it.

A particular bit in the bathroom I am worried about and wanted bit I particularly wanted to be done in the bathroom wasn’t done. It was the piece behind the toilet where all the tiles are cracked. It should be ripped out and made good. Adult Social Care said it will all be done and be ‘lovely’. And then changed the spec and it wasn’t done. It has left it dangerous. If I slip it will cut me. I went to see them and they wouldn’t do it and someone said to me “even if you boiler was hanging by one screw I wouldn’t do it”. I was so disgusted that nobody gave a damn.

I got a grant and paid a bit to it to have the bathroom done, but they should do the work properly if they have been paid to do it. I was crying that that man spoke to me like that and this dangerous bit hasn’t been done and I feel angry. I need help with it. Nobody listens anymore.

We’ve got nowhere to go, no-one listens. People don’t complain because they know they won’t get anything done. We have become invisible people. People give up and carry on.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Jobs should be done properly
  2. Social services should do what they promise to do
  3. My bathroom shouldn't be left as it is and unsafe





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