Lip service …


I look after my wife at home. We had an assessment for “personal care allowance” in October 2013 and a FABA Financial Assessment in December 2013. The conclusion of the latter was that our income was short by £209 per week of the required amount so nothing to pay regarding care. In April 2014 I contacted the Alzheimer’s Society to enquire on our behalf why we had not yet received the “personal care allowance”. They came back to us stating that we should receive it by the end of May 2014, it is now July and we are still not in receipt of it. It seems to me that there is only “LIP SERVICE” OUT THERE WHEN HELP IS ASKED FOR! and little or no communication/collaboration between the various services and organisations that can help, so we get lost and left with little or not help at all.

I feel very much on my own in caring for my wife. All “day care” for her I have virtually found on my own. We attend a club on a Monday morning for 2 hour and a club on a Friday from 10 until 4. Both of which are provided free of charge by the Alzheimer’s Society. We also attend another club on a Wednesday 10.30 – 3.30 at a cost of £6.20. Two of the clubs has been combined due to lack of funding. This club is so good it should run 5 days a week.

Apart from our Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) NHS and £42 a week Disability Living Allowance we receive nothing from Govt sources. In regards to the Govt, my wife was due to get her pension on her 60th birthday in July 2013. However we got a letter from DWP stating that the pension age for women was changed to 65 and that the cut-off date was 19 April 1953, which meant she missed out on £145 per week by less than 9 weeks. She was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at age 56 so could not claim any work related benefits. When asked about receiving “disability pension” I was told that it had been stopped about 5 years ago and nothing put in its place. So as I see it, the Govt are “STEALING” £145 per week off us “or” £7,540 per year “or” £37,500 over 5 years.

I am both disgusted and furious about this. I also believe that 3 or 4 months notice is not enough time when regarding a 60 year plan on the individuals behalf.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Appreciate unpaid carers. The cost to do the work of unpaid carers would be huge.
  2. Unpaid carers need more support financially and better access to information
  3. Instead of the money going to care homes by the govt, pay unpaid cares the oney so we don't have to put our loved ones into a home


Eddie Bartlett



Date Experience Happened

2013 - 2014


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