Where is the help? …


I look after my mum who is 68. We live in the same house in Thurrock. I work part-time and look after mum. I work early hours of the morning so I am there when mum gets up. I went to the carer centre who organised a little respite for me but I need more help to cope. I don’t know what help to ask for, or really where to go, and what type of help is available or where to get it. I want to look after mum properly, I want to know the best ways to look after her, people who can tell me that. I don’t really where to go to and don’t know what I am entitled to.

When I take mum on the bus in her wheelchair I find it very difficult, pushchairs take up the spaces where the wheelchair goes, it is a first come first served basis and we have to wait for the next bus, this is very difficult.

WhereIsTheCare say: whilst story was being told in public, the MP for this area was present, she agreed we need to make it easier for everyone to access information.  Together we signposted this person to further help.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Needs to be easier to find out where to access help and information. Buses to cater for wheelchairs better





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