Bad discharge …


My mother who is 94 years old was in Broomfield Hospital a few weeks ago and was doing well but when came to discharge things changed. As I had visited her on the Monday she seemed fine and there was talk about her discharge which I felt at the time would be ok as she had improved. The discharge was arranged for the Wednesday of that week. Little did I know that she still was not fully recovered as I had not seen her the day before.

My mother was sent home worse than she went in she was confused very weak unable to stand took two ambulance men to help her sit in her chair she did not know where she was or who I was her imagination was running riot I had to call out another ambulance to take her back to the hospital within 15 mins of her coming home. She was sent home in her nightie at 2.30 pm not even dressed and on a trolley. This is not the first time that my family have been on the receiving end of a bad discharge I have been though it quite a number of times over the last few years.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Change the way the discharge is done
  2. Communication improved work with family /carers
  3. Better care for older adults


Janet Crane



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