Rapid community health care? Where? …


My mum is 94 she lives in Chelmsford in her own home and has had repeated urinary infections which has seen her admitted to Broomfield hospital a number of times. The last time in hospital the ward wanted her to go to the memory clinic and therefore she needs special fasting blood test which the District Nurse service was referred to carry out in her home. The GP left a message for the carers to not give her food and just some water over a period of 12 hours so this could be carried out, the carer left a message for the nurse to give her some water and food left ready there for her when the blood test was done, the district nurses didn’t turn up. And she didn’t get anything until approx. 5 hours later when the carers came who couldn’t leave her with no food and drink and they put her to bed.

Next morning the cleaner came in and mum showed signs of urinary infection, she phoned me, the daughter and I phoned the GP to come out at 8.30am. He came at 1pm and he phoned and said he didn’t want to leave her on her own, that she wasn’t safe, I am a carer for my husband, I said send her to A&E, he said no, there is a community service which can handle this with district nurses and can give medication etc. So I said why can’t the carers give her medication because she needs it now, the antibiotics to stem the urinary infection which I know from experience can take hold quickly and affect the elderly badly. He said no that’s the whole reason why there is a community service, an NHS service that go in to stop people having to be admitted to A&E.

I asked him what is this service? He said he didn’t know, he would have to find out.  I said I think she sounds bad and I feel she should have an ambulance as she is unsafe. He said you can’t keep sending people to A&E they are too busy. He said he will go back to surgery and contact this service and get them to attend. I phoned the surgery to check and this hadn’t happened, he hadn’t returned, I was so worried about mum and I called the ambulance. Mum was unsafe. The ambulance came out, they said if the GP is sorting out the community  service, leave it at that and didn’t take her.

I contacted the community team in the area, they didn’t know about this service, only the matron and district nurses. I rung the surgery to ask what is happening, they said he is ‘trying’ to get them in, but I said he needs help now and this is taking too long, he kept saying the doctor is doing his best, he’s in surgery, but mum was unsafe. They eventually called the ambulance and mum was going to be taken in and taken straight to EAU in a couple of hours.

When I got the hospital EAU didn’t have beds, she was transferred to A&E and where she would have been in the beginning and have been receiving treatment. By his time she was absolutely aggressive, didn’t know who I was and she was hallunicating, certainly not in this world and I told them this is what would happen if she doesn’t get into hospital, on antibiotics, which were then prescribed. This is appalling, that elderly people, are getting urinary infections, and it can’t be just our family this I happening to.  The elderly with urinary infections are not being dealt properly or quickly enough and end up in A&E because that is the only place to go, causing stress to person concern, our loved one,  our family, again and again.

The GP was trying to prevent her to go into A&E, but it is all taking too long, no-one seems to be able find information about services quickly enough, I don’t know and no-one has ever told about this community service, why don’t I know? Does anyone know what this service is please??? Because if its out there we should be being told and I would have contacted them myself.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Elderly people are not safe when they get things like UTIs The system is failing and diagnosing and prescribing quickly enough
  2. Families are not aware of the services available


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