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Over the last 3 months my Dad, 92 has been in and out of Broomfield Hospital 3 times. A nosebleed which took 2 hour to stem the flow, weeks after hurt his neck and was on a body board, few weeks after this fell over and cracked his knee and had stitches in his head. He is in xxxxxxx ward. He lives in sheltered housing.

From Day 1 in the hospital someone in the system was trying to send him home too early. He phoned me and said a social worker is going to send me home. They hadn’t informed me, the next of kin, and when I questioned this said they had tried to contact me.  I don’t know how Dad at 92, managed to contact me on his first try and the hospital can’t even leave a message.

The discussions with the sister on the ward and the social worker didn’t agree. The sister feels he should stay in hospital and so do I, clearly he isn’t fit to come out, and the occupational therapist agrees, the social worker however isn’t listening to anyone, blanks the O.T. and only listens to what she wants. We are so very worried and have had no sleep worrying. Why is there such pressure to sling him out of this ward by the social worker? There are 16 spare beds on this ward.

Could perhaps understand it if it were in the middle of winter and they were overrun with people coming in. The social worker says he will be alright at home with the care package she is sorting out for him, but she hasn’t even enquired about the key system to get into his sheltered accommodation, and I thought a care package would deal with all his needs not 3 x a day short visits,with the last visit at 6pm. He can’t go to the toilet on his own, can’t sit on the loo, his legs are weak, he can’t even lift the plastercast on his leg up!  How can he manage?

We don’t know where to turn that they expect him to manage. The hospital is trying to be reasonable but the social worker is refusing to listen to anyone or any reason. We are very worried about Dad and what to do. I phoned someone I knew who told us about and I contacted them, now from them I know of a number of avenues to turn to.  I wasn’t given this information.

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Things That Need Improving:

  1. Social workers need to emphathise and understand carer families situations.
  2. Social workers need to listen to carer families and use common sense.
  3. Elderly and vulnerable people should not be discharge without being fit and safe.





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