We have had to fight …


My husband of 74 years suffered a serious stroke. He doesn’t now clearly speak, is PEG fed and catheterised. He was 1 year in rehabilitation in xxxxxxxxx, Brentwood, he made improvement and they said that he had gone as far as he can go with any more improvement.  However I and his carers at home are getting more improvement, but we don’t exactly know what we are doing, we want him to get more help, into a gym or something but it is not happening, no-one is helping us.

We have had to fight for everything since he has been home, he thinks they think he is too old for them to continue to rehab him. It’s not right, we are doing exercises with him, buying him things to help, we need professional help to maximise his potential and things could just get worse if not and then everything will cost the state more.

We have contacted Age UK Essex and they don’t get back in touch with us. We had some brain physio when we took him to a Community Hospital when we complained to the GP. It is very difficult for us to do this and other exercises when we have a regime of personal care to carry out and have to incorporate these into the day, it is very difficult.

The wheelchair service has given us an electric chair but it doesn’t work properly, they don’t answer my calls and this goes on for weeks. When we visited xxxxxxxxx hospital eye clinic in 2014, they don’t care how long you sit there, he has to have medication and some privacy to do these things over this long period of time of waiting.

We had to complain but it has now come right.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. After his stroke, my husband could greatly improve with more help, the system shouldn't be giving up on him. Why can't the professionals come out say once a week to give us support and guidance to help him?


Sheila MacKenzie



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