We are worried about our friend ..


We are older too and our friend xxxxxx, who has mild Parkinsons and slight dementia is in a residential care home called xxxxxxxxx. She has had valuable rings go missing, the manager said when we complained that “we can’t go into resident rooms and look for it”. They haven’t been found.

The staff giggle and laugh at everyone, the dress code needs to improve, the manager look scruffy. The maintenance man also look scruffy, he tells us she hasn’t had any breakfast” and things like this. There was a bad outbreak of sickness and diarrhoea and we were very worried about our friend as she seems to have had such on and off for a while. Her family live further away so we are visiting and see this. We mentioned to the manager about this and her health and that we felt that when we took her to a hospital visit once to see the doctor he said to watch for side effects of the tablets she was on for her memory and we keep asking if it that, but no-one listens and we ask for the doctor and the home says they are trying to get in touch with the doctor time and time again or the doctor has been in and when we ask what did they say, they shrug their shoulders and there is no feedback. Or they say he hasn’t got diarrhoea and sickness, that it is not in her notes.

The manager doesn’t seem to know about medication I keep having to tell her what the doctor at the hospital said. We are worried and want to get her to a different home. She said when we took her to the hospital that she was very unhappy to the doctor and sad there, it could just be her depression talking, we are not sure and I am worried.

She has no slippers on when I visit her, and once they had dumped them in the bin because there was a bit of sick on them and they don’t tell us to replace them just do things like this. Her shoes have also gone missing 2 or 3 pairs. They are supposed to have her ready when she has a hospital visit we take her to and she isn’t, she has no sandwich made to take with her for a long visit, they don’t have the medication ready even though we have asked specifically these things be prepared ready. They couldn’t find any shoes for her and the manager went off and brought back a pair that were not hers.

There was no lift working for 3 days and she is on the upstairs floor. We went one day at 10.45am and she was standing naked at her sink, we asked had you had breakfast? She said “I don’t know”, other residents said she hadn’t come down for breakfast. I asked for some breakfast for her to be brought upstairs, we waited for ages for it, who knows if she is usually getting it? I washed her and my friend and her sister-in-law wash her, she hadn’t had her hair washed for a month, her face looks a poor little lady. Another resident had lunch in front of her at 3.30pm still cold, they don’t go upstairs and check people, we had to go and make a cup of tea for her. Our friend once had bruises on her face and we had to ask about them. She fell and we were not informed.

We are not family but all she has to worry about her and the only ones who visit her except her elderly brother and sister-in-law in their 80s.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Wondering whether the home is making sure she and others are eating. There is no actual care, certainly not sufficient care in our eyes
  2. Medication side effects are not monitored. Told manager about what consultant said but it goes in one ear and out the other.




Near Colchester

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Residential Care Home