Just asking for what’s fair …



My husband was taken into xxxxx Ward of an East Essex Hospital to be assessed for up to 6 weeks, he has dementia. He was kept there for 15 months. He lost 5 stone in weight in the first 9 months, made a Section 3 (Mental Health Act) because of violence he was showing towards staff and other patients. Because he was Section 3 his care was free and that was when my “struggle” began!

The only two homes able to take him were one in xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx, the latter which I obviously wanted because it is near to where we live.  xxxxxxxx from the Primary Care Trust would not give in. I had Douglas Carswell MP write four letters for me, to no avail. I got what I wanted by threatening the Trust with the “Daily Mail” for whom my husband used to work. Immediately xxxxxxxxx, from the mental Health Trust rang me begging me to hang on in order that she could go through my husband’s notes, and relented. And finally he went to the home near to where I live 21.12.10.

Why are families put through this?  They are just asking for what’s fair.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Primary Care Trust to have more sympathy and understanding of peoples needs iwhtout family having to go through hell in order to get what they are entitled to.


Pauline Lawrence


East Essex

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