Rough care …


2005 and 2009.

My mum was 85 years old and was in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ward, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hospital,  with vascular dementia.

She was couldn’t weightbear and was put at the end of the ward where no-one could hear her. I used to go every day and feed and toilet her as there were not enough staff and they didn’t bother to feed her. She couldn’t feed herself and they never came if she wanted to go to the toilet. I had to lift her off the bed to put her on the commode and hold her safely on it, the staff didn’t do it, their attitude was that they would have been happy if she had just done it in the bed.

In 2009 I feel like my elderly Dad was killed off by injections of morphine when I felt he didn’t need it. He had carers – foreign carers, Council carers who couldn’t speak English very well and had a rough way with him, he was fragile and they did not communicate with him, tell him what they were doing and ended up causing him pain by manhandling him, he wasn’t usually in pain but after they changed him he was. I could change him gently with no pain and he ended up having more painkillers because of this rough care.

Different foreign workers smoked all the time in his own home and did bugger all. I had to run around checking and doing everything as the daughter. When my Dad was dying the carers didn’t seem to be able to cope – one ended up doing some kind of religious tribal dance all around.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. We need carers that care and can communicate. Carers need to be vetted more





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