I want people to know …

I was interviewed to be a carer worker at a large care/nursing home in xxxxxx, Brentwood called xxxxxxxx a long time ago, 2000, and I have heard similar happenings since from other care workers and they are always advertising for staff now 2014. It was known before as xxxxxxxxxx.

At my interview, I was not offered to look round the home, I was offered a job without even looking around, with no police check asked for, and they said I could start tomorrow. I didn’t of course. This is unacceptable. I now know that they have not paid care workers properly, paid cash in hand, taken staff on under the age of 18 years old, and the staff are often leaving and are not treated well. I have been told since that the staff that have been there for years bully the newer staff and let the newer staff do all the work, and don’t do the work themselves.

I work in a good home now, residents are allowed their own things, (in the other home they were not), the home buys them computers so that they are stimulated etc.  I want people to know.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Homes need to be regulated properly.





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