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As a former supplier of goods to Mrs Warren’s mum I was saddened to hear of the plight faced by her mum and her family with regard her care. I think it commendable what Katie is trying to do for others in similar circumstances.  As a former provider of specialist underwear for people with disabilities I heard stories quite often pertaining to different experiences people had when loved ones required care or support in their own homes or indeed in institutions. The stories ranged from customer to customer, some very good to some being not so good!

My own mother-in-law is 94 and wants to stay in her own home.  She is fortunate enough to have two carers four times a day. The care she receives now is generally very good and is provided by a reputable company, but this was not so initially and despite reassurances the care was very variable. Before her current carers took over her care, she would often be ringing to say no one had turned up to give her her meal or to put her to bed. There were other niggling aspects of her care which should not have arisen if properly trained and committed staff were employed by the so called care providers. I often wondered what would have happened to her if she had not got family looking out for her!

As a family we have encountered issues which we have pointed out to our local Director Of Adult Services primarlily around the administering of her medication. Not all medication can be put into a dosset box. For instance liquid medication and creams etc, but it became an issue when my mother-in law needed cream applying which the carers were not allowed to apply as it was stronger than that permissible under the care providers contract. The nurse would not go every day either to apply the cream so it was left to the family to go over as often as we could until the condition improved.

There was another issue with regard to liquid medication too which could not be given by the carers. The medication issue is one which I found to be variable depending on what county you live in. I was under the impression we are supposed to have a National Health Service, but I think we have anything but this!  When it was hi-lighted that hospitals do not have a standard chart for filling in patient observations, how on earth can they guarantee a national standard of care!

The Panorama programme last night hi-lighted so many issues which need to be resolved. Age is something that is going to happen to the majority of us if we are lucky, but tougher measures need to be in place to safeguard the most vulnerable in our society.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. The administering of medication.
  2. Better training of Staff.
  3. Better screening of Care companies to ensure they can meet their obligations.





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