They have their own agendas …


Over the last 2 years and as recent as March 2014 I have had bad experiences with social services about trying to get change of carers, getting different ones, as they were provide unsatisfactory care for 5 months to my elderly mum at home and difficult to ge them to listen and they didn’t want to know. When I said what was wrong giving wrong medication and social services tended to believe the manager of the care agency and not me.

And my mum suffered, her eyes deteriorated and I had to do a lot of phoning around to sort out her eyes and find out what damage could have been done etc. When I said to them about having had her left wet with urine, lot of health and safety issues that were happening, human right issues, I classed it as abuse and I complained and complained from Dec 2013 all the way through to beginning of March 2014 and I was worrying about dealing with carers and dealing with social services put extreme pressure on me having to look after my husband too as a carer and I phoned social services crisis team to say I couldn’t cope much longer if social services didn’t change the care agency and help.

And that it was affecting my role as a carer. And I shouldn’t have been put in that position and when I complained the first time the social services should have investigated, and should not have said “give them another chance”.  I was getting very ill, they didn’t listen and it was all to do with “can’t change the carers” and saying “they probably are doing a good job” and in a roundabout way saying I was just complaining because I wanted to get rid of them. This was not the case and I had proof about the eye drop medication that had not been given.

Because the paperwork ws signed to say they had looked after mum that was it as far as social services was concerned, that they had ‘said’ they had looked after, and what I saying wasn’t happening, even though she ended up in hospital through the lack of care because she had a UTI and no one noticed, even though she hallucinating which was abnormal for her and her balance had gone.  She had all  usual symptoms of a UTI and then fell because of it.  I told social services about this poor care and they said nothing.

I said I want them gone.  And finally they agreed but they should have done it when I complained the first time!  I don’t think much of social services.   I DON’T THINK THEY ARE THERE FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED SUPPORT THEY HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDAS.

My mum has been in hospital for nearly 2 months because this UTI infection was not picked up and I don’t believe that she would be in hospital if the carers had done their job and social services had changed them. This, apart from causing me and mum extreme stress, mum is in hospital where she doesn’t want to be, costing a fortune!

I don’t believe that the social services really care enough or understand the workload of a carer family at all, and there is no way that anyone has much of a life of their own when they are a carer, and they make it worse, because they don’t understand and, listening they don’t do, and they don’t hear the words you are saying.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Social services need to communicate and listen to carer famliies.
  2. Social services need to support carer famlies more.





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