Emergency Out of Hours Service …

My husband’s catheter came out and I contacted the above and this is sent to the operator in Broomfield Hospital and they transfer this message to the district nurses and they should ring you back within 30 minutes and nobody did. It worried me and I didn’t know what had happened.  I didn’t know whether to ring the hospital back or not and if they didn’t come I would have had to call doctor and my husband would have had to wait and wait and my husband could have had a lot of pain if this had happened.

Eventually I rang the hospital back and told them my concerns, and a different operator contacted the district nurses, and they rang back and said they were very busy and said they hadn’t got the message previously and this was about 4 hours later. They came and tried 4 times and couldn’t get the catheter in so they rung the hospital back and said they needed a doctor to come out and put it in.

They said someone would contact me in 20 mins and no one did. And then I phoned again and doctor rang me back and I had to explain everything again and he said leave it with me.  A Sister came from the community, she tried and couldn’t get it in either. My husbands tummy had tighted up he was so tense with all that was going on and then she offered a doctor to come out but he was so busy so the chance was it would take hours for him to come out.  So as my husband hadn’t been in pain during this time luckily, although he was exhausted, I wanted to let him sleep til the morning when I called out a nurse from the out of hours team first thing in the morning and a nurse came within half an hour and go it in just like that.

The point is the longer you have to wait the harder the catheter is to get in, if he sleeps and gets relaxed it would go in quicker.  If it had been done when I asked and not 4 or so hours later this would have been avoided. I was absolutely disgusted, upset and let down.  The next day I felt hurt, I felt like I had let my husband down. The district nurse told me that because the services are separate from each other, the procedures are not known by each of the services and the hospital don’t know how the district nurses work and don’t how the services in the community works, and don’t know how urgent these things are, and operators are not medically trained.

I was ready to call an ambulance if someone couldn’t come out and help and would have cost the government more money.  I don’t approve of all this waste of money – 2 nurses, 1 sister and 1 doctor later unnecessary confiusion and stress caused to us.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Lack of understnding and communication between hospital and community services, the care doesn't flow from one service to the next from one service through to the next.





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