Why don’t they listen?

My Dad in 2007 had a stroke and went blind. We said he needed cot sides when he was in a hospital in Broomfield Hospital because he was confused, couldn’t see and already had one leg amputated, they didn’t give him any.

When we visited next day he had stitches in his head after falling out of bed that evening after we had left.

The rest of the care was okay, but why don’t they listen to families and use common sense.

In a community hospital for rehab which he was sent to, we visited on day one and his table in the day room was feet from him, he couldn’t reach anything and he had been trying to leaning forward and forward and managed to pull a cup of hot tea and it was all in his lap, he was wet to his pants and hungry, all the food in his lap which he was grabbing to eat, no one came to help. Just left him there with it all in his lap.

Their excuse, “it was change over time”. I wanted him out of there, I didn’t like what I saw, hardly any staff in the day room whilst people were eating and drinking, people could have died, no-one was checking anyone. There was even one guy with his trousers down in the tea room.  I asked for him to come home and they refused and said they would call the police if I took him home with me, my own Dad!  I was so angry.

I said “I am taking my Dad out of here and you had better have everything he needs at my house tomorrow all the equipment and everything, we are not prepared for him to stay here with this care, if you don’t we will sue you”.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Hospital staff need a rocket up their backsides!
  2. Inspections and regulations should be better.
  3. Managers of units/wards should make sure staff are doing what they should be.


Mara Moorcroft



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