They want more work of the nurse … 



Ten years ago my mum was 78, had dementia, and was in a care home in Halstead for a year before she passed. We found it very good. We can’t fault mum’s care, they always picked up on urinary tract infection and they used to say “families know their own mums and dads” and they listened to me.

Mum was looked after brilliantly, but people nowadays seem to spend less time with residents. The people that make the decisions seem to want more work out of staff than there is time and don’t give them the training they need.

We couldn’t fault mum’s care but maybe that was because staff say down with them then, it wasn’t a burden to care and maybe its because there are more youngsters caring today, everyone had time for family then.

I worked in a hospital myself. One time nurses used to sit and talk to patients, now they want more work out of the nurse.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Too much pressure on carers and nurses today.





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