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My mum, 83, suffered from ovarian cancer and received 10 months of care, not in Essex, in Gwyndd, a county in North Wales, where she lived. I cannot fault Bangor Hospital that she was in and the local health authority and the community health visitors who visited her at home. She was offered care that was better than private, and we received every support needed in terms of bathing, medication support, administering injections etc etc. The care was excellent. She was cared for 24/7 and we were supported by health visitors and given information and the surgery was all great. When she was actually dying the care was amazing, the specialist cancer unit also excellent. Consultants discussed the case and all within the same building, she had chemo, then went home and eventually readmitted to the same place and there was continuing of care throughout. They all knew her throughout the care process. I was very fortunate that I was given 2 months time off work and had amazing support from my company to go to stay and visit her from Essex.

It is so important that families are supported and this allowed me to support my sister who lived near my mum and was her primary carer. Maybe we can learn from this model of good care.

When I came back eventually to Essex my experience of support here was bad. After what I had been through during her illness and after mum’s passing I suffered prolonged stress and grief, emotional exhaustion and suffered problems at work trying to cope. I went to the GP who just game me sedatives and suggested counselling which was going to take 4 months for me to access. I had to pay and find my own counselling. I felt unsupported.




Things That Need Improving:

  1. Better PR within medical profession Better community care Better support for carers, during and after the care "period"


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