Need help with personal budget …



I have been trying to find out how I can have another 45 minutes of care a week from Adult Social Care. I have a personal budget and need some more help. I haven’t had any help with the personal budget since it was set up and feel I should have. They have changed my hours of care and reduced my money and care time and just paid me a visit and told me this.

I want to talk with them but can’t get through on the phone, I am frightened that if I complain I will lose my money. I can’t walk hardly at all and need help with personal care and getting dressed. Sometimes the carers don’t turn up and I can’t get dressed all day when this happens. I feel very much alone. I don’t get enough help and don’t know where to get information from. I don’t feel private carers are trained very well.

If Adult Social Care knew I was talking to you they wouldn’t like it but I can’t get them to talk to me. They should support us more than they are. I wish to remain anonymous.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Need more support with my personal budget and my care





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