Frustration, anger, bewilderment  …


2012 – 2014

I suppose if I were to sum up our struggle to get care for our elderly mother, it would be in three words – frustration, anger and bewilderment.

Frustration at the fact that there seemed always to be another number, another person, another department that we had to chase down, and when we did, the turnover of people meant we rarely spoke to the same person twice.

Anger, at how someone who had paid into the system all their life could be treated this way, and bewilderment that ‘The System’ is so hopelessly bureaucratic and almost completely non ‘joined’up’ in such an inefficient and costly way.

My mother was at Broomfield, and xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx.   Only Braintree seemed to have any idea of what was going on or showed any empathy, that most valuable asset.

The litany of ineptitude includes –

• Being read the notes from a different patient, instead of the correct ones

• Never having anyone in authority whom we could speak to

• Dates and times being changed without our knowledge

• Having to make multiple calls to different agencies to get even basic care

• The care itself varying wildly from very poor, to excellent

• Lack of continuity and punctuality of care in the home. T

Throughout, we have had to fight hard to get what my mother deserves – good, basic care, just at a time when we most needed help, so often we felt we were instead fighting a system that should have been helping us.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. Empathy
  2. Engagement
  3. Joined-up-thinking





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2012 - 2014