Blessing mum’s passing, awful place …

November 2013 – February 2014

My mum suffered a stroke and had to be admitted to a care home. She could not communicate so had to rely on the carers for everything.

My sister and I visited her to do all we could from feeding to bathing. We found the days that we couldn’t visit, mum was uncared for. We were ridiculed and snapped at when we asked for help. We tried to discuss issues but were told to take mum elsewhere if we didn’t like it. Mum’s condition worsened and she became bed-ridden and confined to her room. We would arrive to find mum in distress but then after tending to her needs and making her comfortable, we were told to leave mum as she was, even being ‘ told off’ for adjusting pillows.

She had large pressure sores that we felt could have been avoided had she had the proper care. We would leave mum with the net curtains drawn back so that she could see daylight, the radio on low and her soft toys at the end of her bed facing her. The next day we would find the soft toys with their backs to her, curtains drawn and radio off.

Towards the end of mum’s life all her care was to be recorded on a sheet next to her bed but was never kept up to date, consequently we arrived not knowing what was happening. On one occasion a carer came in to mum with some medicine. I asked if it was an antibiotic as I recognised the smell and colour. I was told it was and it was for a ‘chest thingy’ . As mum spent most of her time laying down she had had a recent chest infection but didn’t seem to be congested so I went in search of someone that would talk to me. I discovered that it was for an infection in an ulcer that had opened up on mums ankle.

We were so frustrated and upset at every visit. We had no co-operation or communication offered without a fight. It was a relief and a blessing when mum eventually passed away and we didn’t have to go to that awful place anymore.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. General care
  2. Communication with relatives





Date Experience Happened

2013 - 2014


Residential Care Home