Won’t listen if you don’t have Power of Attorney ..


March 2014

I care with my sister for Mum 89 and Dad 91. They live in xxxxxxxxx. Mum has dementia and Dad helps to look after her.

It was discovered Mum had fractures in her spine after a fall and Dad couldn’t look after her so it was decided for her to eventually be admitted to a hospital.  We were told here they would help re-able her. She has been in there nearly a month.

When we called the ambulance we had an unacceptably long wait of 5 hours whilst she was on the floor, a frail elderly lady.

Back in November 2013 Mum had been admitted to Broomfield hospital. A&E was good , the geriatric ward okay not brilliant and, discharge a shambles.

When we visit mum in the reablement hospital she is currently in we do not see any signs of reablement, never seen her walking or being helped to walk, or doing activities. We ask questions and are not getting answers. We are worried and feel Mum’s is not getting the right care. We have a Power of Attorney and if we hadn’t had this we feel we wouldn’t have been listened to at all.

We are beyond stressed as a family and angry with all of this. In 2012 Mum had a fall and was sent home from hospital A&E with a broken hip and plaster from hip to ankle to cope on her own with my Dad’s help at 91. She has irritable bowel syndrome and had a bowel incident and Dad couldn’t cope and she ended up back in hospital.

My Dad’s care from his GP has been poor, not looking at his problems holistically, no named physician and problems left undiagnosed, even though he looks after Mum with our help.  A xxxxxxxxxx service went in to help Dad and we were not happy. They turned up at odd and erratic times, Dad wasn’t getting fed properly, with them chatting amongst themselves about their own problems in the time they should be helping Dad, and they provided no evening meal.

It seems to us when you get old you are just left. People pay in all their lives and are ignored in their old age.

Two District Nurses in Herts who are our relatives feel the same. One was called to a 48 year old man for palliative care, who was going to die and was caring for his elderly Mum with dementia. He had had no help or care package. All she could do was call the paramedics, he died that night. Another District Nurse in the family was called to dress wounds of an elderly person in their own home, where a care agency was not caring for them properly and they had been left in bed for 17 hours in their own urine, all over their leg ulcer.

If we daughters weren’t there, our Mum and Dad wouldn’t get the right help. Our Mum needs some kind of intensive care package, the care she is getting is not good enough.

Things That Need Improving:

  1. GP lack of help/support to initiate and signpost to agencies to help. You are left to yourself and don't know whether you are doing the right thing.
  2. Reablement needs improving.
  3. The need for one central point of information where people can go to who can establish the persons needs and where the right help can be obtained.


Vanessa Caton



Date Experience Happened

2013 and 2014