OH adapted my mum’s chair …


April 2014

My mother is who is 94, had Occupational Health from St Peters Hospital, Maldon come out to her home to see whatever she needed to help her in her home and they decided that the chair she was using could be replaced and a more appropriate chair provided – a recliner and it was discussed with me what I thought about it and the only worries I had was being able to press the buttons to go up and down. They said what they could do was see if they could adapt it to accommodate her needs and they have said they have done that now and it is ready to be delivered.

I didn’t know that they could even put in a recliner chair for my mother let alone adapt it, which is brilliant and I wanted to let everyone know.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. If you need anything its important to contact Social Services or Occupational Health or a doctor to get an assessment done.
  2. You may be entitled to equipment that you could have and not be aware of this.


Janet Crane



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