Looking back, I think did this happen? …


In May 2013 my 90 year old mum fell.  Sent to Broomfield by her GP to be examined and for x-rays by ambulance, the radiographer said she had spoken to a doctor, and mum could be discharged. A doctor hadn’t even looked at mum, I was so worried she was in such pain and shocked. I asked if she could be checked out by a doctor. I was told to go back into A&E, push mum in her nightie in the wheelchair outside, all round to the front door. I asked why we couldn’t just go through the corridor, she said she wasn’t allowed to do that, it was against the rules. I refused.

Later she could not move her arm, I did not want her sent home in that state, I felt she was not in any condition to go home. In reception I was told that she couldn’t be seen by a doctor. I explained that she need stronger pain control, she couldn’t put any weight on her frame to walk and chances are she will fall if she is not looked at.  A Sister said nastily “For goodness sake, let her see a doctor then, because she’ll just be discharged anyway”.

Attitudes were shocking. I was terrified for my mum, and felt that if she wasn’t seen by a doctor and was discharged something would happen and that she will be returned tomorrow. I couldn’t be with her at home on her own, I told the hospital this, that I was also a carer for my husband. They wouldn’t listen, ordered an ambulance to send her home, this was 5pm. I had to get a bus home to check on my husband. When she got home at 9.15pm with paracetemol, exhausted, confused. The ambulance put her in her armchair, she couldn’t move all night. The carers rang me in the morning and said she was screaming in pain. I didn’t know what to do, I called the out of hours GP, there was up to a 6 hour wait, so I had to call 999.

She was taken back to Broomfield and admitted about 8.45am. Now in for 2 weeks, she needs to see OT, physio and social worker. When I arrived at 10.45am, she had been assessed, half the paperwork was done for her to go to xxxxxxxy Hospital without any consultation with me. I was told there was nowhere nearer. There was no information, no inclusion in of me, the next of kin, in my mum’s care. I asked to speak to a senior person, a coordinator came, she said the Sister was busy, and that I had to go and get clothes for mum. I was not informed what was going on, no doctor spoke to her or me.

I asked why mum wasn’t kept in when she was in agony the day before and now she is being kept in, I asked why didn’t a doctor look at her the day before? She said she didn’t know anything about the day before. Mum had been sent home unsafe and in pain. No communication with me about her care, no empathy. They moved her at 9pm at night. I had no sleep all night, spent all morning on the phone trying to find out if she could be in a hospital nearer to me so I could visit, I was exhausted with worry, I spoke to mum on the phone, she was sobbing.

I felt no-one was listening, I couldn’t get control of the situation, it was terrifying. A friend took me to xxxxxxx Hospital where she had been moved to, a three hour round trip for them, mum was confused, didn’t know where she was, all her clothes were missing, no-one seemed to know what was happening, there was nothing much in the notes to help. I look back and think did this really happen? Why do people who are supposed to care, act in such an uncaring way?

It’s unacceptable.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Safe and effective discharge.
  2. Lack of communication/poor attitudes.
  3. Lack of inclusion of the next of kin.


Janet Crane



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