I walked out angry about mum’s care … … …

Mum was 88, she fell over at home and went to XXXXXXXXXXXX hospital, Essex, she had lots of bruising.  She went in to get better, she didn’t, she got worse, then she developed bleeds and a pressure ulcer from being in there!  She had curvature of the spine and whilst in there got huge nose bleeds.  She had glaucoma, I was worried evey day about her eyedrops – they were not administered correctly, or they got lost in the fridge, there was always a problem.  She was moved to a community hospital and she complained that the agency staff there were terrible, rough handling her.  She had to go back to the first hospital because of the bleeds and acquired pressure ulcer.  She then went back to her home from there and had to have visits from the district nurses every day. The District Nurses were good but the ulcer took 9 months to heal.

A social services care agency came in to provide care and paid for 2 visits to her and mum paid for 1.  After 1 year she couldn’t swallow one breakfast time and was re-admitted to XXXXXXXXXXX Hospital, they said they could do nothing and that she had some narrowing of the throat due to old age and gave her a feeding tube.  She couldn’t now go home because of the tube as it had a machine attached to it and she had to be admitted to a nursing home.  We had a meeting at the hospital to discuss all this and her medical problems and care she needed but they didn’t talk about her care and safety, they were only concerned with money and the funding for her care it seemed to me.  I was so angry, I said “all you want is mum’s house, you are not interested in her aftercare”, it’s money first not care for the patient.  I walked out.

They did an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment, we got some funding help, they gave us a list of homes and chose XXXXXXXXXXXX nursing home which was very good, except her feeding tube kept coming out and she had to have a peg feed.  She was in there Jun – Dec 2014, she developed pneumonia and passed away.  The costs were deferred from her house.





Things That Need Improving:

  1. When you go into hospital with medication it should be administered properly.
  2. Communication with family. I was not told about mum's pressure ulcer until we got home from hospital.
  3. When meetings are held in hospital with worried families details about ongoing aftercare should be discussed not just about funding.





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