No confidence in the care system … … …

I was an ambulance driver from 2000 – 2016.  When we transported patients back from hospitals to care homes I saw residents left in rooms, looking drugged up.  There was a lack of care staff especially at night – infact I saw care home staff on duty asleep.

Most hospitals have policies that they only discharge up until certain times in the evening – 8pm or something to care homes or to patients’ homes. But I found hospitals were discharging elderly patients late at night which they should not be doing.  We were delivering patients back to unsafe homes in my opinion sometimes.

People are being discharged too early.  Beds are money.  Patients are being directed out of A&E to wards so that A&Es do not look clogged up to enable early discharge from wards.  If you come back in because you’ve been discharged too early, it doesn’t matter.

The patient transport side of the ambulance service is privatised now for this area.  It’s all about money, contracts are worth a fortune, hospitals being charged per patient transported, it’s run as a business not a service.  There is a high demand on ambulance staff, more and more pressure.

Care homes – there are none I would recommend and I’ve been to loads all over the country.  There is no way my Dad or I will end up in one of them.

I have no confidence in the care system at all.



Things That Need Improving:

  1. Better checks on care homes by CQC - without telling them they are going to turn up.





Date Experience Happened

2000 - 2016


Residential Care Home