Disgrace to nursing …


Mar/Apr 2014

I am a nurse and my neighbour 84, fell and broke her hip and was admitted to Broomfield Hospital. She came home with reablement and 3 weeks later was still poorly and was readmitted and treated for infections.  The day she was sent home she was sick in the ward, clearly still unwell but they sent her home.  We had to reinstate the reablement 3 times a day, she was so poorly we had to increase it to 4 times a day.

The professionals talk to you with an attitude as if they know everything better than you. Even the pharmacist who knows her said “can’t you get her to phone about her medication herself, she is not sick, make her do it herself”.  How can he assume this?

The nurses in the community said “she needs to get moving not sit around” – but she was not well”! They were telling us, the neighbours to tell her things, they should be telling her these things not us!  It’s their job, not ours.  They shouldn’t tell us to tell her, their attitude is awful, the way they say things to you.

I am not related to this lady but I am looking after her, but although they ask us to tell her things and to take on this responsibility, they won’t give us information when we ask as we are not next of kin, but they expect us to keep looking out for her and looking after her!

Reablement carers said “could she get a microwave and could we buy instant porridge” because it will enable them to make it quicker. Quicker for the carers?  Who are supposed to be reabling her!  She was independent before she fell and they are supposed to be helping her and discussing how to get her back to where she was, their expectation of her getting better is for the neighbours to get a microwave and instant porridge she doesn’t want.

The nursing she has received I feel is a disgrace to the nursing profession – to send this lady home not well from hospital.


Things That Need Improving:

  1. Lack of communication by and between all professionals.
  2. Attitudes of professional staff need to be more empathetic and they need to choose their words more carefully
  3. We need back to basics care with Matrons.





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