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Please Note: There has been elections and MPs information is in the process of being updated.

The National Council for Palliative Care

All of us deserve to be treated with respect and have our wishes met as far as possible, right to the end of our lives. Where Is The Care offers a welcome voice in raising this topic and sharing these stories. No-one should be silent in the face of poor care, and we need places like this to help people be heard.



NHS Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

NHS Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) believes that the very best healthcare services can only be developed with the full involvement and engagement of the public and, in particular, the patients, professionals, carers and families that experience those services.

We support the work that ‘Where is the Care’ is doing to gather the views and experiences of carers. By working together we can offer high quality health and care services for patients.


Greenfields Community Housing

‘Greenfields Community Housing focuses on putting our customers first and keeping our residents safe and happy in their homes. Our values include integrity and respect and we want to our residents to feel they can be open and honest and that we will listen and act on any feedback we receive. We support Whereisthecare, because it helps to ensure that everyone has a voice, and that those who need it are cared for with the respect they deserve.

Find out more about Greenfields Community Housing and the range of services we offer by visiting our website below.  


Essex Dementia Care

I am really pleased to have met the ‘where is the care’ team and thank them for being the voice to help those who have had some poor experiences of care. We need to learn from these experiences to ensure that the future of care is what we should expect.
Debbie Davis, CEO


Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

Comment of support to follow.


Helpline by Colchester Borough Council

Helpline is a keen advocate for supporting the Vulnerable Elderly and their carers network. Our Service assists Individuals to remain independent in their own homes alleviating some of the pressure on carers.


Essex Respite and Care Association

Essex Respite and Care Association have been successfully supporting adults afflicted with a mental health diagnosis since 1995.

As a charity working hard with mental health service users and carers we give our support to organisations like WhereIsTheCare who are trying to help carers not feel so alone.


St Helena Hospice, Colchester

St Helena Hospice exists for the patients, families and carers we serve in North East and parts of Mid Essex as well as those who will need its support in the future. In the main, hospice services are for those with palliative and end of life care needs. Hospice and palliative care is about ‘care not cure’ and supporting the ‘whole’ person; not only concentrating on their medical care and physical symptoms but also their emotional and spiritual needs and the needs of their loved ones. This type of care can be suitable to people from the point of their diagnosis with an incurable illness; it doesn’t just have to be for those who are nearing the end of their lives.

Every successful business knows it must continually strive to exceed customers’ expectations; St Helena Hospice is no different. This means we are always looking for ways to improve services to make sure they provide what patients and their families really want, the question of course is how to find out what that is.

We are constantly talking to patients, carers and family members but once a year we also organise a survey which seeks patients’ views on a range of topics. We ask our Service User Group to carry out the survey so we know it will be open and unbiased. Hospice management and staff do not see any responses until the Service User Group reports the results at the end of the process; in this way we hope patients will give their honest opinion of the hospice services and let us know of any aspects, no matter how small, they think could be improved.

Once the results are known, the Service User Group works with the management team to identify all suggestions and criticisms and agree the changes that need to be made. We like to think this helps ensure our services evolve in line with patients’ wishes rather than making change for change’s sake.

We are always keen to work with relevant external groups including Healthwatch Essex, patient liaison services and other providers such as ‘Where is the Care’, to receive feedback on our services and actively involve patients, carers and families in the care they receive.


Nursing Home Abuse Guide

We support WhereIsTheCare and want more exposure for the vulnerable elderly and their carer families in Essex.



Provide is a social enterprise company and the leading provider of community services within mid Essex.


To achieve our vision and values it’s really important that we hear and act on feedback from service users, carers and their families.


You can contact Provide Customer Service Team on with suggestions or concerns:

*  by Phone:  0300 303 9951/9952

*  by Email:

*  by Letter: Customer Services Team, Provide Corporate Office, 900 The Crescent, Colchester Business Park, Colchester CO4 9Y

*  Website:


We  fully support the work of and are committed to learning from the sharing of experiences both good and bad so that we can continue to improve the quality of care we deliver.




Chelmsford CHESS

Chelmsford CHESS supports the work of, it is vital that the elderly and vulnerable adults are given the opportunity to be supported with the dignity and respect they deserve. Having a forum that is designed to create positive change is a step in the right direction and CHESS supports the objective that is seeking to achieve.
Rob Saggs, Executive Director


Basildon and Thurrock University NHS Foundation Trust

Basildon and Thurrock University NHS Foundation Trust wholeheartedly offer our support to the work of

The Trust includes Basildon and Orsett Hospitals, and St Andrew’s Centre in Billericay and serves a population of 405,800 people across south-west Essex covering Basildon, Thurrock and parts of Brentwood and Castle Point. The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre is also part of the Trust, providing a full range of tertiary cardiothoracic services for the whole county and further afield.

The Trust is rated ‘good’ by the Care Quality Commission, who described services as effective, caring, responsive and well-led. The hospital is the first in the country to be rated ‘outstanding’ for maternity care.

With specific reference to our patients with dementia, the Trust has been highlighted by the Royal College of Nursing for best practice. Our dementia strategy outlines clear policies and care pathways for patients with dementia, while we have a dedicated lead consultant geriatrician and dementia project lead nurse.

There are a number of ways our patients and visitors can feedback to us about their experience, including our Friends and Family test and electronic survey points throughout the hospital sites.

Jennie Deeks, head of patient experience, said: “Patient and visitor feedback is invaluable to providing a consistent level of care to our patients and making improvements where necessary. We give our patients many opportunities to give their views on their experiences with us and when things unfortunately go wrong, we aim to be open and transparent so that lessons can be learned.”



On behalf of Remap, Remap Essex Central fully endorse and support the excellent work being put into the establishment of the www.WhereIsThe website, which will act as a much needed focal point for people seeking help, which they might not otherwise be aware is readily available. We at Remap know from experience that there are many people we could help if only we knew of them and they of us. “Spreading the word” in this way will can only be to the advantage to all. We wish you all the very best for the future,


Harlow Foodbank

Harlow Foodbank is working to restore dignity and revive hope, seeking to combat hidden hunger in Harlow and the surrounding area by supporting local people in crisis.  It is  coordinated by the Michael Roberts Charitable Trust (MRCT), a Harlow based Christian charity, and works in partnership with churches, schools, supermarkets, businesses and front-line professional care agencies to provide this valuable community resource. Since the foodbank opened in April 2009 and up to the end of November 2014 Harlow Foodbank has provided emergency food to 13,275 (8,888 adults & 4,387 children) people.


The Foodbank is a ground-breaking concept designed to help individuals and families in crisis by providing free emergency food until the appropriate agencies are in a position to assist. Our aim is to engage with communities, introducing sustainable projects that enable marginalised people to break through their cycle of poverty. Tinned and dried food is collected from the public at supermarkets, churches, schools and other local groups and “banked” in a warehouse. Food is then given to people in crisis as a result of referrals from registered care professionals, such as, Harlow Welfare Advice Centre, Citizens Advice Centre, CDAT, Harlow Council, Essex County Council, Harlowsave Credit Union, Safer Places and many other care and support workers working in the front line.


Currently Harlow Foodbank needs over 6 tonnes of donated food each month to support existing referrals and feeds an average of 298 people each month in Harlow and the surrounding area. For more information on the work of Harlow Foodbank visit the website at or contact the office on 01279 724515.

Michael Roberts Charitable Trust (MRCT), The Rainbow Centre, 2 Wych Elm,Harlow
Essex, CM20 1QP Email:
Registered Charity No: 1065006 Registered Company No: 3439299     Harlow Foodbank logo1


Harlow Foodbank fully endorses the work of “WhereIsTheCare” as it strives to support people in Essex who have experienced poor levels of care alongside highlighting improvements which can make a beneficial difference to local people in the future.

Gary Knott, Director of Community Services


NHS North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group

NHS North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) welcomes all patient and public involvement, including by local voluntary organisations, in helping to design local health and care services. The CCG covers the Colchester Borough area and the Tendring District.


The CCG works, through clinical commissioning, so that primary care clinicians take the lead in working with patients and health experts to decide what range of services are needed for their local population.
Clinicians can use their knowledge of services and their contact with patients to identify where providers need to be supported and challenged on quality and outcomes. They can help bring together leaders from across health and social care to agree priorities and design more integrated services.
The Clinical Commissioning Group then has to buy the health services it needs. This is called procurement and more detail is available on our website at


One of the other key functions of the NHS North East Essex CCG is to monitor the contracts for health services that have been set up to ensure that providers are meeting the quality standards and activity levels that have been set.
Chris Lane, Communications officer


South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT)

It is sometimes difficult to identify with the term ‘carer’ because the person you are supporting may be your parent, your child or your partner and you may see your caring role as a natural part of that relationship. While caring for someone can be rewarding, there may be times when you find yourself dealing with difficult and stressful situations. You may feel that you are alone and that no-one can help. You may have feelings of confusion, guilt, loss, frustration and even anger.

Some carers find it helpful to talk to other people who are experiencing similar situations. Carer forums operate throughout the Trust and many local carers groups also provide this kind of support. Many helplines and mental health organisations can also provide information and support for carers.

‘Where is the care?’ is a valuable resource that will complement the support that the Trust gives to carers. SEPT is committed to listening and acting on feedback from carers and the patients they care for. Our Vision is ‘providing services that are in tune with you’ and this means that we can be responsive to each person’s individual needs and tailor our services for the communities we serve.


If you have any concerns or need advice about accessing SEPT NHS services, you can speak in confidence to our Patient Experience Team on 0800 0857 935 or email

Maxine Forrest, Assistant Director – Communications



Cariads is a Thurrock based organisation offering confidential advice, information and support service to adult carers across the Borough.

The Service Aims to support carers in their caring roles by providing them with accurate and timely information and advice as we recognise how important and much needed this is to people caring for a loved one and don’t know where to turn to.

We also provide a variety of services and support to meet carers needs, as well as activities and events.
We think what ‘Where is the Care’ are doing is a great idea and the launch of their website is fantastic. Carers need as many means as possible to get information from. We absolutely support them and looking forward to working with them.


East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST)

Patient and Public Involvement in EEAST

East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) recognises that to create a patient centred organisation there has to be real involvement and engagement with service users, local people and groups. We activity seek feedback from our service users, their families and members of the public so we can learn from your experience of our service.

We have a number of ways in which service users can give us feedback. Similarly to all NHS trusts we have a patient services department who can be contacted with complaints, compliments or queries about the service. EEAST also runs a comprehensive patient survey programme and our patient and public involvement team regularly visit users of our services to interview them face-to-face about their experience.

We also go to events and shopping centres around the region with our public engagement stall and encourage members of the public to come and share their experience of our service with us. EEAST also works with Healthwatch and a number of community groups and other feedback services in the region who represent the views of patients and the public to us through the feedback they receive.

The purpose of all these activities is to give us the opportunity to assess the quality of care EEAST provides and to learn and identify areas of improvement directly based on patient feedback. We welcome feedback from any individual or group representing patients’ views. We are happy to work with ‘Where is the Care’ to make sure we are hearing the experiences of all patient groups particularly those represented by ‘Where is the Care’ who are often our most vulnerable and frequent service users. We would encourage anyone who wishes to share a story with us to get in touch.

For further information on patient and public involvement at EEAST, our survey programme or how to contact our patient services team please visit our website:



SEAP will continue to follow with interest, the mission of WhereIsTheCare.

We wish you great success in developing access to care services which the elderly and vulnerable are entitled to.


Braintree District Council

Braintree District Council welcomes the work of “ WhereIsTheCare?“ to highlight the needs and care of elderly and vulnerable people in our communities. It is also important to recognise the work of their carers and the support they need too. This website will help raise awareness of care issues and help families share their experiences and advice.

Nicola Beach, Chief Executive



ECDP Essex Coalition of Disabled People

ecdp is an Essex based disabled peoples user-led organisation. We are rooted in the belief that the voice of disabled people is the most powerful weapon in influencing social change, and the everyday lives of disabled people and those close to them including family and/or their personal assistants. We are passionate in working alongside disabled individuals to raise aspirations, and turning these aspirations into real and practical activities to enhance their everyday lives.

We fully endorse the work of WhereIsTheCare and are pleased to support their activities which promote the voices of people who are seldom heard. And if heard, are not listened to.

The range and power of voice-related organisations across Essex is increasing and we are delighted to have an opportunity to work alongside WhereIsTheCare.

For more information about the work of ecdp go to:




Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (SUFT)

Listening and acting upon feedback from our patients, their loved ones and carers forms a core component of the way we shape the services we provide. Our aim at SUFT it to provide ‘Excellent care from excellent people’ and working with external organisations such as ‘Where is the Care’ assists us in realising this vision. We actively promote feedback to us through a variety of routes and working with our partner organisations provides us with sources of feedback that we may otherwise not have access to. Only by listening to what the users of our service have to say can we be truly responsive to the needs of the communities that we serve.



POhWER Advocacy Services

In the East of England, POhWER supports people who face challenging situations and helps them to understand their rights and the options available to them through information, advice, advocacy and signposting.   Our services available are:

  • NHS Complaints Advocacy Service (support available in Norfolk, Peterborough, Cambridge and Thurrock),
  • Community Advocacy service (support available in Thurrock),
  • Independent Mental Capacity Act/Deprivation of Liberty/Paid Representative and Representative Support (support available in Thurrock, Norfolk), and
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (support available in Thurrock, Central Essex, Norfolk).If we do not provide a service needed, we support people to find out who does/can. Our IAASC centre assists with all queries that come in to us and can be accessed by all on 0300 456 2370 or You can check for all local POhWER services via our website.

POhWER supports working in partnership with all organisations that help people in need of support and so welcomes the opportunity to do this with in the future with the aim to ensure the care people receive is of high quality and in a way that is relevant to their own needs.

Anita McArthur-Worbey, Community Manager Central and East of England


Farleigh Hospice

Our Mission: Farleigh Hospice exists to meet the needs of local people affected by life limiting illnesses and to support those who have been bereaved. Through the ongoing generosity of the mid Essex community, we provide a range of high quality services totally free of charge. By giving people choice and involvement in the care they receive, we strive to make a real difference, when and where it matters most.

As a hospice we work closely with other local health and social care organisations, with the aim of achieving the best quality of care and support, in a variety of different settings, for people living with life limiting illnesses across mid Essex, as well as those who are at the very end of their lives. We believe that it is very important to listen to the views and opinions of the people who come into contact with Farleigh Hospice and we actively promote involvement from our patients and families in the development of our services.  

We are always keen to work with relevant external groups including Healthwatch Essex, patient liaison services and other providers such as the newly launched ‘Where is the Care’ website, to receive feedback on our services and actively involve patients, carers and families in the care they receive.  

For more information about our wide range of caring services and how you can speak to us about any concerns, please visit our website.



The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, Harlow

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust provides a range of health care services to a large and growing population and is continually looking at ways to improve the quality of care through patient and family feedback.

In April 2013 the Trust launched ‘Achieving Excellence’. Through this patient experience improvement programme we have invited families to meet with the teams who failed them, listen to what we did wrong, apologise and learn from those poor experiences. As such, the number of complaints has fallen by 50% in the last year but we are keen to encourage more feedback and continue the learning.

The Trust offers a range of feedback methods, all of which you can find out more about at Our door is always open and we are keen to hear from you. We promise to listen to you and use your experience to make changes.

We fully support the work of WhereIsTheCare and will work in partnership to proactively build confidence in our social movement to engage with and learn from you.

If you have a concern or simply wish to engage with us, please contact us on 01279 827084.



Thurrock Council – Adult Social Care

Raising awareness that we are all living in an ageing society and that we all need to help shape a caring society is vitally important and for this reason, we are delighted to support Where Is the Care.  Please see our Article under the ‘Articles’ tab on this website for further information about Adult Social Care at Thurrock Council, and, on our website at Les Billingham, Head of Adult Services, Adults, Health and Commissioning


Independent Living Advocacy

Independent Living Advocacy Ltd is firmly committed to the empowerment of the Elderly and Disabled people of Essex which allows them to remain living the life they choose, with the right support.


We are an active part of the Essex initiative on Personalisation providing specialist advice to Clients on becoming an Employer in their own right and assisting them with advertising and recruiting suitable Carers.


Independent Living Advocacy is very pleased to lend its support to “Where is the Care” in its aims of developing and improving the quality of the Care available within the Community.

David Beer, Director




Healthwatch Southend

An independent voice for the people of Southend on Sea. Launched in April 2013, we are here to gather and represent people’s views on all health and social care so that services can be designed and delivered more effectively. We also provide information and advice about any aspect of health and social care, help resolve individual issues, and offer advocacy for anyone in Southend who wishes to raise a complaint or concern about an NHS service.

We work directly with the public, and closely with local voluntary and community groups, to support people’s involvement in the design and commissioning of local NHS and social care services in Southend, and to give a voice to those who are seldom heard.  For more information, visit our website or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up as a supporter and receive regular information from us about local issues and developments. We will regularly send these e-bulletins to WhereIsTheCare.

Healthwatch Southend cannot endorse any campaigning organisation but we value any initiative that seeks to give a voice to people who use health and social care services. Any Southend resident’s experiences, concerns or views received and shared with us by WhereIsTheCare can be logged by us and used to inform our work, or directly acted upon by us where appropriate.

Jonathan Keay, Healthwatch Manager



Essex Cares

Established in 2009, Essex Cares provides a wide range of services to assist vulnerable adults to lead full independent lives. In order to provide integrated and innovative services that are valued by our customers, Essex Cares is forging partnerships with health care professionals, the voluntary and third sector. By working closely together we can ensure that we deliver an exceptional service, tailored to the customer’s needs. Liz Chidgey, Managing Director at Essex Cares said: “Our ethos is to put the customer at the heart of every decision and action we make. We want to go beyond the traditional care boundaries and to deliver a service that is addressing individual needs. We are committed to not only providing the necessary support but we aim to encourage and promote independence. We want customers to regain the confidence to complete personal goals no matter how big or small whilst feeling the support from Essex Cares.” Essex Cares is pleased to support Where is the Care, a campaign aligned with Essex Cares ethos of high quality, individualised care. When the unfortunate situation of poor care arises, it is important that friends and family know where to turn to. Where is the Care is providing a platform for people to share stories and gain advice, working collectively to ensure that we move towards a person-centred approach.


Compassion In Care

Compassion in Care supports this initiative. We believe direct action by members of the public will change things.
Eileen Chubb, Founder. Compassion in Care – Breaking the Chain of Elderly Abuse


The Whistler Fellowship Alliance

The Whistler aims to protect and support whistle blowers and to change the law in this area. Therefore we support WhereIsTheCare and will work with them to ensure that whistle-blowers identities are protected when information is received.
Eileen Chubb, Founder.


Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust

MEHT aspires to deliver world class care in the heart of Essex. We are proud to care for our patients and are committed to developing the right service for our local community. We would encourage our patients, their families and the general public to visit our new and improved website so that they can learn more about the care and services we offer. We are keen to work directly with external and internal patient/user groups including Healthwatch Essex and the hospital’s Patient Council, local Voluntary and Community groups including the newly launched ‘Where is the Care’ website. Listening to all patient and carer feedback that we receive is very important to us as it helps us to continually improve the services we provide for the benefit of our patients, visitors, carers and their families. A recent example of how we are responding to feedback received is we are improving the healing environment in our two care of the elderly wards Braxted and Baddow this work is supported by MEHTCharity Committee.


Essex County Council – Adult Social Care

Essex County Councillor Cllr Anne Brown, former Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, currently Cabinet Member for Communities and Healthy Living said “ I firmly believe that Essex County Council has a responsibility to ensure our elderly residents are cared for and supported by us, the community and care providers in Essex. The following corporate outcomes set out the standards we aspire to for our citizens: that people in Essex can live independently and exercise control over their lives, that they enjoy good health and wellbeing, that they can live in safe communities and are protected from harm.

We are committed to ensuring those who need our support receive appropriate, timely and personal care and that they are treated with dignity and respect. I completely support the work of and the work they are doing in raising awareness. If we do not know where there are problems in the system then we can’t fix them; if we do not know where there is good practice, then we can’t share it. I hope that by sharing experiences we can together build better care services for residents”.
Cllr Anne Brown, Cabinet Member – Adult Social Care, Essex County Council


CHARMS The Essex Therapy Centre

CHARMS The Essex Therapy Centre
The Centre helps people of all ages who have a neurological problem by providing advice (benefits, diet); advocacy (we’ll go to those all important appointments with you; counselling (no charge at a time when you don’t need to think about money); hyperbaric oxygen therapy (also for a range of other problems – the only one in Essex). Special exercise equipment can be used by everyone and a Drop-In Centre where people spend their days talking to friends. We also help carers – a different range of problems but still necessary to get through the maze.

WhereIsTheCare is a superb idea, there are so many people who do not know which way to turn when something goes wrong in their lives, for others it takes considerable time for them to find anyone that can help and even then they can find the wrong people and get signposted somewhere else – so Well Done, Brilliant.
Judith Wright, Manager


Mid Essex CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)

Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group  welcomes the work of “ WhereIsTheCare?“ to promote the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in society and their carers.  We recognise that Health and Social Care services are complex, all too often fragmented and hugely difficult for people in need and their cares to navigate and access the care they need. As an organisation we are currently engaged in delivering major transformational change to services in partnership with other organisations across the Health and Social care system that are intended to address these kind of issues, in particular those related to the needs of the Frail Elderly. The work of your organisation is hugely complimentary to achieving our shared goals of achieving better care and support for the vulnerable and their carers, more transparency and accessibility, better co-ordination and integration of services to deliver timely support and care.

Dr Bryan Spencer, Interim Chair Mid Essex CCG


Action for Family Carers

There are more than 146,000 people providing unpaid care in Essex. Over 30,000 of those people provide care for more than 50 hours per week and an increasing number are themselves aged over 85. Most unpaid carers do not think of themselves as a carer and many are not aware of the help and support available. Action for Family Carers works to ensure that all unpaid carers in Essex receive the information and support they need to continue in their caring role and to look after their own health and wellbeing.

Carers have great knowledge and experience in the care of the person they look after and play a key role in ensuring that care given by others is of high quality. Yet family carers are rarely involved or informed as ‘expert partners in care’. Action for Family Carers therefore welcomes the development of the website as a community-based initiative to help drive forward the quality of care people receive.

James Clarke, Chief Executive Officer




North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

It is estimated that there are 6.5 million carers in the UK today, providing care for loved ones who are living with illness or disability. Carers are holding families together, enabling loved ones to get the most out of life, making an enormous contribution to society and saving the economy billions of pounds.
Carers want to be heard and they have plenty to say. NEP place enormous value on the support provided by carers to their loved ones. We have launched a new three year Carers Strategy (2014-2017) in which we identify what’s important to carers, what their needs are and in which, we provide an action plan as to what we will do to meet those needs. We acknowledge that carers of people who have mental health needs need to be listened to and to have their caring role recognised. We understand that carers need relevant, accurate information that’s easily accessible. We appreciate that carers get a high level of support from ‘carers support groups’ in the community.

We pledge to continuously improve and update the information we make available to carers. We will continue to offer assessments and support to carers. We will improve carer involvement and engagement via local Involvement Boards, ensuring the carer voice is heard and we will continue to assist carer support groups in the community.


Where is the care?’ is a positive step where people can record experiences and feelings and where we can begin a real dialogue.  We want to hear from you, your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We cannot do everything, but we are committed to listening and acting wherever we can, so let us know your views.

Martin Cresswell, Associate Director of Communications



Age UK Essex

Age UK Essex is there to help the people of Essex to meet the challenges of later life. We want to be responsive to the aspirations of older people in a way that provides products and services which are of real value to people.  Our services range from toenail cutting and home help to car and home insurance. The one thing they all have in common is that they are designed specifically for older people.  Age UK Essex is very pleased to be able to support the work of WhereIsTheCare. In today’s fast-paced, ever changing society the voice of the many is often the one that gets heard. However, Age UK Essex wants to be able to respond to the people who are seldom heard, where there are unmet needs. Meeting that need is the fundamental reason why the charity exists and so we will do everything we can do to support the work of WhereIsTheCare.  Andrew Gardner, CEO, Age UK Essex.


Healthwatch Essex

Healthwatch Essex is a new independent voice for the people of Essex. Launched in April 2013, the organisation is here to gather and represent people’s views on health and social care services so that they can be designed better. This includes mental health and disability services, care for the elderly or frail, and also public health. We work directly with the public, and closely with local voluntary and community groups, including, to build a true picture of local NHS and social care services in Essex and to give a voice to those who are seldom heard.  For more information, visit our website, find us on facebook, or follow us on Twitter @HWEssex. This is your chance to influence decisions made by the NHS and social care authorities across Essex that affect you and your community.

Mobility Smart

Mobility Smart is an online retailer stocking mobility aids and health products for those with limited mobility including the elderly and people with disabilities. We are supporters of Where is the Care.  We are both extremely passionate towards vulnerable Elderly care, and the advice on this website can help spread awareness.


Metro Cars of Harlow

Metro cars supports the mission of WhereIsTheCare.
We provide access to safe and trusted transport services which the elderly and vulnerable can rely on. We actively ensure the elderly community are prioritised. We will always go the extra mile.

Kyle Harris, Business Development Manager


Each Life Ltd

Each Life provides a range of support solutions to individuals and families who want to remain living within their own homes. We do this with dedication, integrity and compassion, thus enabling people to preserve their independence and dignity. We strive to develop and improve the services we offer to our clients, the solutions we deliver and the support we give to our staff.

Our underpinning values are simply ……

“to recognise that delivery of services for our clients and addressing their needs in a safe, reliable, trustworthy and ethical way is central to our ethos”
“to deliver a high quality service to our clients that would be fitting to the level of service that we might expect to receive for ourselves or our family members”
“to respect, empower and reward our staff in a way that promotes the delivery of high quality services”
“to attract, train and retain high calibre staff who reflect our company’s values thus creating a thriving and sustainable business’

Clients receiving an Each Life Service are central to how we build our services. They are encouraged to live their life as they choose and exercise their rights to independence, choice and control over all aspects of their life.

Like Katie and Kevin, we are passionate about people and are delighted to support the work they are doing through Where Is The Care and look forward to working closely with them to achieve their goal of ensuring equality of access to good quality care for all.

Anne Thain – RN     Director and Co-founder

02081 236286


Mansion House Domicilliary Care, Althorne

We are passionate about our care and want our clients to continue being as independent as possible whilst we promote their choice and dignity.

With our support and holistic approach our clients are able to continue living in their own home either with family or alone whilst we assist with minimising risks.

Care is not just about an individual – we need to understand that a client’s family may need assistance and advice on what is available to allow independent living.

In many cases with the right care package we can avoid hospital admittance.

Caring is not a job – it is a vocation and should be recognised as such. We need to raise the profile of the professional carer.

We need to develop the confidence in using care agencies such as ours. We are transparent in what we do – our aims – our high standards of training and most especially the dedication and commitment of our staff.

We endorse the aims of Katie (WhereIsTheCare) and her team.

The elderly population is growing – one day it could be you in need of care.

01621 742890


Cadde Wealth Protection Ltd

Cadde Wealth Protection Ltd helps clients deal with asset protection and other issues that arise on death. Our aim is to ensure our clients’ wealth continues to be used in the way they wish throughout future generations. We help them achieve this by setting up wills and trusts that reflect those wishes.
Our clients are typically business owners aged between 50 and 70 and the parents of those business owners.
We believe passionately in the rights of the elderly to be treated with dignity and respect, and wholeheartedly support the aims of


A Sense of Calm

“Where is the Care” is a great idea. It is designed to help families caring for people living with dementia in their own homes and for those living with the emotional rollercoaster of seeing their loved ones living in a care home. Ultimately, the quality of life someone has living with dementia depends in part on the care they receive, so who better to give advice to carers than others who have been through the same thing. We know from our experience of caring for Pete’s mum, Joan that caring for a loved one with dementia can be very challenging and often, as carers, you can feel very alone and tired. “Where is the Care’s” new website will be there for carers to share resources and experiences, helping them to decide what is right for their loved one and guiding them through the challenges that arise along the way. A Sense of Calm is happy to support Katie and Kevin’s initiative and hope other families and carers will find their website a great resource for the future.


Evans Insurance Brokers

Evans Insurance Brokers are proud to support the work of Where is the Care, who are valued clients of ours.  In a time when it seems a lack of care for our country’s elderly generation is constantly in the media, Where is the Care could not have come a moment sooner.

From our perspective, we recognise that elderly people can be vulnerable sometimes and in many cases require a personal and bespoke service to suit their individual needs, without any pushy sales treatment.

We have mature male and female account executives, who are more than happy to assist in arranging appropriate comprehensive and competitively priced insurances, such as Home, Motor, Travel and Rental Property Insurance.
We are happy to see customers in our offices in Romford and can also arrange home visits across Essex and parts of London in certain circumstances.

We are also about to take delivery of an AGE UK Donation Station, to help our local AGE UK branch.



East of England Co-op

Our stores are at the heart of towns and villages across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk and, for over 140 years, have been supporting local communities and the key issues that affect us all. As an independent co-operative business, giving back to the community and standing up for what matters to the local people is part of who we are. There is much excellent care provided for older and vulnerable people across our region, but when there are concerns it is good for people to have an independent forum to share experiences, support, and information.


GMS & Associates Ltd

GMS & Associates support Katie and Kevin Warren with ‘WhereIsTheCare’, we provide training services relevant to nursing practice.  Please see my other statement of support under the Professionals Heading on this website and for contact details.

Wyn Glencross, RGN, MA, Expert Witness (nursing).

Christies Care

We support the aims of Where is the care.

We know that if people had better information, a better understanding of their rights and the level of care they should expect, they would not be satisfied with poor care.

We also know that often, people fall between the ‘health’ and ‘social care’ departments, when they need both medical and social care help. Any actions that can get the NHS and social care to talk to each other, and to work together properly, are actions that we support.

Where is the Care is therefore doing a very necessary job, agitating for better care, for people to have the information they need (in the way they need it) and more collaboration between health and social care.

01728 605 107


Juliettes Kitchen/Inspiring Life

Juliette’s Kitchen supports Katie and Kevin Warren and the need for better care of our elderly. These people are valued members of society and should be treated with respect, care and love.





Country Cousins

Country Cousins are pleased support the work of and wish them great success as an invaluable source of information and advice in the Essex area.

We recognise the importance of quality care, and the difference it can make to people’s lives especially when that excellent care can be received at home. For 55 years Country Cousins have been providing live-in care and companionship allowing many people to remain at home feeling safe and secure, knowing help is at hand. Our hand-picked ‘Cousins’ as our carers are known, all have practical experience as live-in carers, and pride themselves in providing one to one care that focuses on enhancing our clients lives. A Cousin will typically stay for two weeks at a time and be able to help with personal care, provide home cooked meals from scratch, prompt medication, shopping and escorted trips out, light housework & laundry tasks, assistance with hobbies and pet care and most importantly companionship.

For more information please telephone us on 0844 209 2646 or visit our website below.


Dyslexia Inspired, Chelmsford

Dyslexia Inspired is based at Moulsham Mill in Chelmsford and offers screening appointments, assessments and individual specialist support sessions for people of all ages.  Tutors are members of PATOSS (the Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties) and qualified to assess for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).  We are a small independent company, offering friendly and sympathetic advice and support.

We feel passionately about Katie and Kevin’s cause regarding the care of the elderly, having had personal experience of this and recently losing my mother following an unwitnessed fall in a care home.  It has been a terrible year for me and my family with so much unnecessary suffering caused due to poor care and bureaucracy.  Good luck to you both in your continued fight! 

Sue Faulks  07901 824678


Windows on the World

Windows on the World broadcasts a weekly show from  We provide information to those who are fed up of being lied to by the main stream media and want to do something about it. We offer solutions without fear mongering.  We do not deal in conspiracy theories. Windows on the world only reports news backed up with facts. We constantly prove that the mainstream are the ones spreading conspiracy theories.  

Windows on the World gets behind people and highlights social injustice.  We are pleased to support Katie and Kevin Warren and the Where Is The Care? website.  It will be a great platform for people to share and record their experiences that otherwise would not have been heard.

Mark Windows and the team at Windows on the World 

                Windows on the world logoALIENS 4



The Harbour Club

The Harbour Club, Battlesbridge, specialist day centre for older people living with dementia is happy to support the work of ‘Where Is The Care’. It is hoped the website will give carers a platform to voice their concerns and also promote good practice for a variety of caring services; ultimately pushing up standards of care for the good of all.

Jane Bussell BSc (Hons) OT, Partner



Hoskin Financial Planning

Professional and sensitive advice on funding long-term care

Funding long-term care can be a significant financial challenge for individuals and their families. It is also something for which it is difficult to plan – many admissions are ’emergency’ in nature and it is often difficult to judge for how long care may be required. Families are often left having to cover large costs at short notice, with only relatively illiquid assets – such as the family home – as a potential source of funding. However, careful financial planning can ensure paying for long-term care is not financially ruinous. There are a number of financial options for individuals requiring care that can help ensure they do not have to eat into their life savings and/or mortgage the family home.

Hoskin Financial Planning can help individuals make the right decisions about how to finance their care. At all times, we recognise this can be a traumatic time for families and always act with compassion and tact. We are passionate about helping our clients and the community and fully support Katie, Kevin and the WhereIsTheCare website in their fight for access to care and the sharing of knowledge to ensure that the elderly and vulnerable get the care they are entitled to and deserve.


Great Totham Garage

Great Totham Garage is a family run business that has been serving the community for over 40 years. We take pride in our business and treat all our customers with equal respect whether young or old. Many of our customers are elderly and we appreciate that they are not always able to bring their cars in or get home without our help and assistance. As a family we understand how important it is to take care of each other and the community in which we live. Katie and Kevin are not just our neighbours but our friends too and we support them in all their work for the elderly and the community.



Castlepoint Tanning

At Castlepoint Tanning we provide “second to none” one day training courses for spray tanning and body art tattooing and retail tried and tested equipment for the beauty industry including; spray tan kits, overspray extractors, disposables and marketing material. Body art tattooing airbrush kits and nail treatment dust and fume extractors are also available.  I have experience of a personal poor care story, with an elderly relative in recent years; we know what that can do to a family.  We know that Katie and Kevin Warren have dedicated themselves in their endeavour, to make a positive difference to the care services to the elderly and vulnerable in Essex and they are trying to highlight and close some of those gaps, which they, we, and other families have and are falling through the system.  We are 100% behind them. 

Samantha Whitehead, Owner



The Emporium

At The Emporium in Maldon’s High Street in Essex, we value all of our customers.  We are particularly grateful to our many loyal customers who are growing older with us.  Of course, we hope that we all enjoy good health and independence as we age.  However, there will be some for whom old age brings health and other issues and as we are living longer, the resources required to support our elderly population will inevitably increase.

It can be difficult seeing once strong parents/relatives become frail and less independent and they and their families deserve the best advice and support.  We admire Katie and Kevin for their commitment and passion in setting up the WhereIsTheCare website as it will provide this very valuable service to individuals and families during this potentially difficult time. 

Mary Powell, Owner




Debbie’s Dogs, Purleigh

Katie and Kevin are  providing a much needed centre of support and information for those of us who have been lost in the maze of local authority red tape when it comes to getting to grips with the care system in the UK, and how to find the best care for our loved ones. It is a very difficult time when considering what to do, and where to find support.  Where Is The Care have shown that the care system can sometimes fall far below the acceptable standard of care, and we all need to be aware of how to manage if it happens to us. What are our rights? Can we insist our loved one is moved to a better home? How do we know what level of care a home provides? All these questions, and more, will be going round in our heads and we want to do the best we can, often in a time of great stress.

Katie and Kevin have sadly experienced almost all that can go wrong in this situation, and others can learn from their story. They may be able to point you in the right direction with regard to accessing the right point of contact and relevant information. We can all learn from each other, and gain strength and knowledge so that we are aware of what to look out for, and where to go for help if you are concerned about the standard of care your loved one is experiencing. We shouldn’t have to fight like this, but as the News repeatedly reports, cases of abuse and poor care are still occurring. We need people like Katie and Kevin to gather support to ensure local authorities are kicking out bad practices, and improving standards in the level of care we should all expect.

I have been lucky to know Kevin and Katie for a while. I offer a one-to-one dog sitting service for dog owners who prefer not to leave their pets in a kennel when they go away on holiday. Your dog would be loved, cuddled, walked and cared for as if it were my own. They would not be kept with any other dogs, and will enjoy a large, safe garden and exciting countryside walks. You and your dog(s) would come to visit first, and have a look around and a chat before you make a booking. Please call 077 969  31114  for further information.


Liz Jones Coaching

I am Liz, of Liz Jones Coaching. I help you find ways to be happy and positive, and work towards having balance and harmony in your life. I totally support Katie and Kevin in the work that they are doing and my company is happy to endorse them. (I think that they are selfless and brave and deserve to succeed.  They use a huge amount of their time and energy in fighting for justice for the elderly and as a community we should be very grateful for what they are doing.)






Barnes Clarke of Maldon – Accountants and Tax Consultants

Established over 25 years ago in Maldon, Barnes Clark are able to assist the elderly and their families with all types of taxation work, including Tax Return completion and helping to pass on the family wealth to the next generation, without allowing the Tax Man to take too much!


Where Is The Care is bringing awareness of the need for a standard of care suitable for those people who are becoming  the most vulnerable in society today.  Just because we are getting old, does not mean that life is of little worth and that we should be subjected to substandard care.


Katie and Kevin, through experience ,have seen how things can go wrong and their mission to change attitudes and promote proper care for the elderly, is to be commended.


Barnes Clark of Maldon fully support their aims for change.  None of us are getting any younger and one day it may be many of us will need the care.

Jon Clark



The Alexander Technique Education UK

The Alexander Technique Education UK supports the valuable campaigning work of ‘Where is the care’ in their focus on enabling better care journeys for the elderly and vulnerable.


APA Property Services Ltd

The sad fact of life is that as we get older our health and fitness will deteriorate.  For a great majority of us we will require some form of care and assistance to varying levels.  Our one true belief is that in those circumstances those who care for us will be professional and ensure that our dignity is maintained at all times. Unfortunately that is not always the case and it appears that there is an increasing number of reported cases where the quality of care falls far below the minimum standards of level of care that we are by statutory definition entitled to receive.

It is to the communities benefit that wherever possible we join together to help improve the care of our elderly and vulnerable community.  Katie and Kevin have done a fantastic job and not only deserve but require all of the encouragement, help and support that we as a community can give.  APA Property Services Ltd are a locally based firm of chartered surveyors and are fully supportive of Katie and Kevin’s outstanding commitment to this wonderful endeavour.  Well done to both of you keep up the good work.

Philip Antino, Managing Director



Clootietree offers a range of products providing warmth, comfort and wellbeing.   Products include nightwear, bed-jackets, pressure care, joint warmers, diabetic socks and thermal underwear. Whether you are buying a bed-jacket, underwear or nightwear for yourself or as a gift we will be delighted to help you make the right choice.

Adaptawear & Clootietree support the Where Is the Care website, recently set up by Katie & Kevin, to help provide families and carers with a more positive experience when caring for their elderly and disabled relatives.



Adaptawear offers a range of specialist and adapted clothing for the elderly and disabled.   Comfortable clothing to help both independent and assisted dressing, supporting both the wearer and carer.   With the aim to make getting dressed easier and less painful.  We design and manufacturer a range of ladies and gents open back and drop front trousers, open back shirts and blouses, dresses, skirts,open back nighties and front fastening bras. We also sell a selection of everyday essentials aimed at making people comfortable day and night. Adaptawear clothes are ideal for arthritis, stroke, Parkinsons, incontinence and dementia sufferers as well as people of all ages who struggle with buttons and zips.


Phoenix Holistic

Phoenix Holistic, Beauty and Nail Training School specialise in helping women return to the workplace; Your future is our priority; we offer you more than a qualification, it is a complete learning experience.  For carers and families we offer First Aid Training and stress reducing products and services. At Phoenix we hope WhereIsTheCare goes a long way to help making a difference in the arena of improving care for our elderly folk – we are behind you WhereIsTheCare.


Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham

I fully support the work being carried out by Where is the Care. It is vitally important that with an ageing population we ensure people know what services are available to them. Organisations such as this play a positive role in raising awareness – helping to make sure people don’t fall through the cracks, not knowing where to turn.

In the end we all want the best for our elderly friends and relatives, but with increasing pressures many local authorities and care providers are struggling. I commend the sterling work of initiatives such as Where is the Care, and in the future when concerns are raised with me I will be directing my constituents to the website.

Sir David Amess MP for Southend West

Sir David is pleased to support Where is the Care.  “Care for the elderly is an issue that I take a great interest in as it effects so many of my constituents, whether it be for themselves or their family. I think it is fantastic that Where is the Care are bringing to light the issues that people in Southend West have experienced and I hope that this will encourage the continuing improvements in care that we have seen in recent years.”

Bernard Jenkins MP for Harwich and North Essex

As an MP, I have a great many cases brought to me by constituents who need support with a family member struggling with their care provision. Often, families have not had the right information, or been pointed in the right direction, to ensure they are able to secure the care their family members need. There is a knowledge deficit over what is available and from where. Many families also don’t know what to do when care is not good enough. Local authorities and care providers strive in most instances to provide the best possible service. However, sometimes the reality is that care provision is not good enough. People have increasingly complex needs and this can be a challenge for care providers, councils and family members.

We need organisations like Where is the Care to provide an essential line of support for adults in care and their families. Raising concerns over the care a relative is receiving can be a daunting prospect. It is incredibly helpful to have Where is the Care here and I will certainly be directing my constituents to this website whenever care concerns are brought to my attention.   


Andrew Rossindell MP for Romford

It is important that information and insight gathered by organisations like Where is the Care through personal care stories are used to improve the service offered by authorities and organisations.

Many professionals already use Where is the Care to help improve their care service and the data that Where is the Care collate can also be useful to empower carer families with information and shared knowledge to help enable better care journeys for their relatives and themselves, not only in Romford but Essex.


Will Quince MP for Colchester

With an ageing population, there will continue to be a growing need for adult social care provision. Any resource for those in need of adult social care, their carers and their families is to be welcomed. Although we hope that the elderly and vulnerable are treated with care and dignity, sadly adult social care provision does not always meet the standards that we should expect. I am sure that Where is the Care will be a useful source of information to Colchester residents and will point them in the direction of where to get help and, if necessary, make complaints.


Alan Haselhurst MP for Saffron Walden

As life expectancy continues to increase we face a future in which there will be more elderly people with care needs. This can create anxiety for them as well as for their family members on many of whom responsibility will fall. Knowing what to do and how to get help can be critical. Equally, public services and voluntary bodies should be kept aware of the scale of need and the best form of help to provide. If Where is The Care can add to the databank in local areas it could be a key resource for helping directly or indirectly our vulnerable, elderly citizens.

Wes Streeting MP for Ilford North

Providing excellent care for our elderly relatives and friends is vitally important. I welcome initiatives such as Where is the Care because they can help people at a difficult and vulnerable time in their lives. I wish Where is the Care the very best of luck in helping people who need their advice, advocacy and support.


James Cleverly MP for Braintree

Where is the Care is a great idea. Giving people the chance to share their good and bad experiences of care, enables others to make informed choices.
A big thank you to everyone involved.


Polly Billington – Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate Thurrock 2015

Organisations like Where is the Care show how vital it is to improve older and vulnerable peoples’ care in Essex. It’s simply not right that people in our community worry about getting older because they might not be able to receive care that they need. But Labour is listening to the type of real-life experiences shared on this website. We will create 5,000 more care-workers to help elderly people stay healthy in their homes. Everyone who works with the public in our public services must be able to speak English. And we’ll put in place one system of health and social care so that older and vulnerable people get the support they need.

Caring for the elderly is one of our society’s biggest responsibilities. The elderly and the vulnerable deserve to be well-looked after and their families and friends deserve to be supported.

I believe that we need an integrated health and social care system that puts people first. The only way we will make that work is if people feel able to stand up for friends and family in care and say this isn’t good enough. That’s why I support the aims of and applaud the work that they do.


John Baron MP for Basildon and Billericay

Congratulations to on this initiative. The website casts light on bad practices which should be welcomed. My hope is that this website will help to ensure that elderly people are treated with care and dignity, although we must recognise that no system is perfect.


Where mistakes are made, I would encourage people to contact their MP as we do take cases up and help our constituents. You can find out who your MP is at



Jackie-Doyle Price MP for Thurrock

When someone finds themselves in the position of having to provide full time care it can be overwhelming and people need to be signposted to where they can get help and support.  Where is the care will provide that gateway to support and an understanding of where people are most vulnerable and in need of help and guidance.

Jackie Doyle-Price, MP for Thurrock


Priti Patel MP for Witham / Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury

I welcome the development of the WhereIsTheCare website. Many of my constituents face the daily challenge of ensuring that a suitable level of care is provided for their family and loved ones.  This new website will help my constituents to make informed decisions about the care choices available and provide information about peoples’ experiences.


(Photo kindly supplied by our supporters Avanti Photographics in Maldon – thank you Camelia!)






John Whittingdale OBE MP for Maldon

Long-term care of the elderly is one of the biggest challenges facing our country. We are fortunate that there are so many dedicated professional staff as well as voluntary carers who provide  a high standard of care. However, problems still arise due to lack of communication, failure to take responsibility and poor co-ordination between the various bodies involved. Too often this leads to inadequate care of the elderly as well as distress to their relatives. I very much welcome the initiative of Kevin and Katie Warren to create the WhereIsTheCare in order that people in Essex can share their experiences and find help and advice.


(Photo kindly supplied by our supporters Avanti Photographics in Maldon – thank you Camelia!)



Robert Halfon MP for Harlow

In Harlow there are many families that face the challenges of looking after their loved ones when they are struck by illness.  Through their emails and calls I have learnt that too often bureaucracy, poor care from professionals, inadequate information just make matters worse for these families and add a big burden to the sadness and powerlessness an illness or condition causes.

I think it is fantastic that finally there is an initiative like WhereIsTheCare that will provide all these people with practical as well as moral support, right when they are facing tough times and are unsure where to turn for help.

I look forward to welcoming WhereIsTheCare to Harlow and I am sure they will be a great help for so many of my constituents.





Sir Bob Russell Former MP for Colchester

With an increasing number of people living into old age, with medical advances prolonging life to an extent not known in previous generations, Society has got to appreciate that we need to be ever vigilant in ensuring that senior citizens – regardless of where they live – are shown the respect they deserve, and receive the highest possible standard of care, therefore I support such initiatives as this. All of us has a duty to ensure that this is the case.




Douglas Carswell MP for Clacton-on-Sea

Older folk deserve to be looked after, with proper, dignified care and support.  Having spent a lifetime paying into the system, they need to know that the system is there to help them when they need it.

Where Is The Care is doing a good job highlighting the shortcomings to the system.  They are right to demand change and improvements.


Simon Burns MP for Chelmsford

It is paramount that the elderly, frail and most vulnerable in our society receive the highest quality care in their old age. Anything that gives families more information about the care available to the elderly is to be commended and I hope that this website becomes an important and useful tool for those seeking care for family members.


I believe my mother was murdered in a UK nursing home.  In my opinion this is big business lying to cover up suffering that I have seen with my own eyes. I was threatened that if I said anything wrong about the nursing home that I would not be allowed to see my mother.  I support raising awareness of these issues and WhereIsTheCare.

Twitter: drjonesaa

Dr Mark Jones – Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

I would like to say how wonderful this site is, I know it has taken a lot of heartache and hard work to get this up and running.

I first met Katie Warren when I went to meet her and Renee at at Katie and Kevin’s home and had introductions from the company (care agency) I was working for. Renee was such a lovely lady, who had some horrific pressure sores when I first met her, but with Katie and Kevin’s care and the care she received from myself I saw her flourish. I always give the car that my parents would have had, had they not have died so young. Renee had such a wicked sense of humour, she said something to me one day and I laughed all day (unfortunately I cannot remember what it was). Even though I had left the company a few months previously Renee and her family came to my evening wedding reception, which I very much appreciated.

I have worked in the community sector doing half hour calls and to be perfectly honest I do not think you can give the care that’s needed in that time. Some clients I have looked after have no immediate family to look after their needs, so this is usually a social services decision. Another thing I hate and that is”ping” meals (microwave meals), if you were to give me them 7 days a week, I would throw them at you, but you don’t get the time to make a proper fresh meal.  I personally love to cook and see the elderly eat, and to talk and listen to them and their stories.

Katie, I could go on and on but I had better stop, I hope this helps.  xx


Professional Carer

I Niamh McGarry-Gribbin of Carehomes Should Care whole-heartedly support Katie and Kevin Warren with Where Is The Care?

I started campaigning over three years ago after witnessing neglect and abuse of the elderly during my twenty-seven years nursing career. I campaign for a more robust screening and recruiting process of healthcare staff with minimum mandatory training of a year with supervised work placements culminating in a recognised qualification and professional status with national registration. Although the Care Certificate introduced in April 2015 is a welcome step in the right direction this training remains woefully inadequate to equip a skilled care workforce.

I believe that my objectives would ensure that only those with a caring vocation would be employed in the care sector. Additionally they would also have the knowledge and understanding of the role in its entirety prior to being employed in the care sector. This would reduce the average 196 incidents of neglect and abuse of the elderly reported daily in the UK. Estimates suggest that only one in six of cases are reported giving rise to very alarming statistics. If this abuse concerned animals or children there would be a public outcry, so why is it that neglect and abuse of the elderly is largely ignored or met with apathy?

None of us are immune to this appalling side of the care sector as we all have parents and have had grandparents. With an aging society there is a great likelihood that each of us personally may need care sometime in the future. This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency not only for our vulnerable elderly but also for ourselves. They say that a society may be judged by how it treats its elderly…Great Britain should hang her head in shame!


RGN (Nurse) and former Care Home Manager

I would like to say how wonderful this site is, I know it has taken a lot of heartache and hard work to get this up and running.

I first met Katie and Kevin Warren when I went to meet them and Reneè at home and had introductions from the care company I was working for.  Reneè was such a lovely lady, who had some horrific pressure sores when I first met her, but with Katie Warren’s care and the care she received from myself I saw her flourish. I always give the care that my parents would have had, had they not have died so young. Reneè had such a wicked sense of humour, she said something to me one day and I laughed all day.  Even though I had left the company a few months previously Reneè and her family came to my evening wedding reception, which I very much appreciated.

I have worked in the community sector doing half hour calls and to be perfectly honest I do not think you can give the care that’s needed in that time. Some clients I have looked after have no immediate family to look after their needs, so this is usually social service’s decision.  Another thing I hate is “ping” meals (microwave meals) if you were to give “me” those 7 days a week, I would throw them at you.  You don’t get the time to make a proper fresh meal. I personally love to cook, and see the elderly eat – and to talk and listen to them and their stories.


Professional Carer – Agency

I wish WhereIsTheCare had existed when my parents needed help in their later years.  My father was my mother’s sole carer and was fiercely protective of the role as are so many other carers.  He asked for no help and wanted none.  So when my father became ill, there was no other support system in place apart from me.  I only had a vague clue about who to contact for advice as a result of meeting people from social services whilst presenting my radio show.  Most people don’t have the benefits of these contacts and it can be frightening, frustrating and confusing trying to work through the maze that is the “care system”.  Any light that can be shed on this complex world of care has to be welcomed.  Even when in “the system”, the care given can sometimes be less than perfect.  Giving carers and those for whom they care a voice is essential in improving care for our loved ones.  I shall continue to follow the growth of WhereIsTheCare with enthusiasm and assist wherever I can. 


Dave Monk2

Broadcaster and Deputy Lieutenant of Essex – Dave Monk

In my professional experience as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, older adults, one of the more vulnerable groups in our population, frequently experience poor care, poor assessment of their problems and often inappropriate help, support, and treatment for their difficulties, whether they are physical, psychological, or, as is often the case, both. Their family carers and the crucial role they provide, are often ignored, marginalised or dismissed, with little, if any, support or information provided for the demanding role they undertake.

I think that the needs of older adults and the support needed by their family carers are frequently neglected within services provided by the NHS, Social Services and private care homes, with a fragmented provision of care.

I fully support the work and aims of “Where is the Care” in their dedication to ensure appropriate care and support is received by all older adults and their family carers.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist – Dr Jenni Blandford


I am very pleased to have the opportunity to register my support for Katie and Kevin Warren and the work they do with the ‘Where is the Care’ campaign which came out of their personal experience of the very poor care their mum, Renee, received at the end of her life.
Although I do not have a similar story to tell I can well remember the last few months of my own parent’s life in 1982, watching them both deteriorate and the helplessness I and my brothers felt. We did everything we possibly could and hoped against hope things would turn out for the best. I then can only imagine if at the same time, the treatment they received had been far below that for which you would expect. This, I believe was the situation Katie and Kevin were in.
‘Where is the Care’ is a positive force for good, highlighting instances of poor care our loved ones receive in the absolute desire that things will improve. If it stops the distress of just one person and one family, it would rate as a success. I wish them well.

Tony Davis – East Tilbury & Corringham Medical Centre, Essex

Chairperson of Patient Participation Group

As a care worker for almost 7 years, I have decided to give my support to Katie and Kevin and their worthy cause.

Abuse and neglect in care homes is an issue that, despite certain panorama programmes, well publicised cases and empty promises from the government and the CQC still remains prevalent. It is wrong that in these times elderly and vulnerable people are still terrified of requiring 24 hour care in a home, and it is wrong that I, as a care worker often feel stigmatised because of my job when people I meet believe the stereotype that care workers are underpaid, poorly educated and badly trained.

Some shocking cases of neglect and abuse were made public only through relatives installing hidden cameras in residents bedrooms, and the CQC didn’t act quickly enough to cover up the ‘bad press’. We need to have a Health care industry that as a whole, is transparent and will act quickly and effectively to prevent abuse and neglect.

We also need to start seeing Care for the elderly and vulnerable as a medical profession, where people can not be employed unless they show the specific standards needed to do such a delicate but necessary job. Carers need to stop seeing relatives as the enemy, and work with them to provide the best possible care for the individual. We need to have care settings that are fully staffed (not just by the minimum standards but by what is needed for the clientèle) where training is mandatory and staff are pushed to constantly improve their training through their various NVQs and specialist subjects.

I believe this can only happen when the public is made aware of the scale of the problem, when people stop burying their heads in the sand and face up to the fact that we have a real issue with the Care industry which should have been resolved a long time ago.

For the people that have died in such dreadful circumstances and their families, nothing can be done to make it better, but hopefully through their suffering the care system can be reformed.



Professional Carer – Care Home

To Katie & Kevin Warren

I met Katie just yesterday and was impressed and dare I say slightly in awe of the commitment and compassion shown by Katie in describing this organisation; Where is the Care ?
The aims and objectives of using ordinary peoples ‘care’ stories, good and bad, to influence ‘care’ for future patients and their carers is a real force for good and we hope the catalyst for change.
My name is Tony and I am chairperson of a ‘Patient Participation Group (PPG) in Corringham, Essex. Our aim is to influence change for good at our local GP practice by persuading other patients to tell us what they think about our surgery. So it is apparent the similarity of objectives.
I would like to offer my support and best wishes to Katie, Kevin and ‘WHERE IS THE CARE’.

Tony x
12th February 2015

Chairperson – Patient Participation Group

I first had contact with Katie in my role as a nursing expert witness, reporting on the care that was provided to her mother whilst she was being cared for in a residential home.

Katie was convinced that the standards of care provided to her mother were below the standards that her mother could reasonably expect to receive, which in turn resulted in the development and deterioration of a bed sore (pressure ulcer). After the sad death of her mother Katie therefore took the brave step to fight for justice on her mother’s behalf and pursued the providers of her mother’s care for an acknowledgement that they had let her mother down significantly. Katie duly won her case and an out of court settlement was agreed.

As a result of this experience Katie is now very keen to ensure no one else goes through what her and her mother have experienced. As a result she is now well experienced in the issues faced by families and loved ones when they consider pursuing litigation. However, in her attempt to do this Katie became aware that many people give up pursuing a case for a variety of reasons; for example because of financial costs, fear of the legal system and/or having to speak with barristers/solicitors or appearing in court, and not least because of the complex nature of the healthcare industry and where to start with the process.

Through Katie’s own experience she is now in a position to offer experiential advice and offer support to others considering the same course of action so that eventually the healthcare industry will ensure that standards of care are assured and that we and our loved ones will all receive the safe and effective standard of care to which we are fully entitled.

If you are in a similar position to that which Katie found herself in, I would urge you to speak with her first before you dismiss the idea of litigation. Katie will share with you her firsthand experience on what the process was like and will alert you to the pitfalls and places to go for the right support

GMS & Associates support Katie and Kevin Warren with ‘WhereIsTheCare’ so if you have any questions that Katie or Kevin are unable to answer please do get in touch.

Wyn Glencross, RGN, MA, Expert Witness (nursing).

Expert Court Witness – Nursing – Wyn Glencross

As a care worker with several years of experience, I am very lucky that I have never witnessed any incidents of abuse or neglect by the very people paid and trained to look after vulnerable and elderly adults. I was as shocked as everyone else was on watching the recent documentary about care home abuse, with aggressive care workers, neglected patients and devastated family members. There are good carers working in homes and hospitals but unfortunately in an environment where there becomes a culture of abuse and poor practice, there are those who can’t or won’t speak out and the abuse can continue until relatives do something drastic, like install a camera in the persons bedroom. People should be aware these incidences can and have happened, no matter how nice the home seems.

Katie and Kevin have made it their mission to expose these incidences from people who felt like no action would be taken, from their own bad experiences they are dedicated to ensuring those who have the power to change the system are made aware. No one should ever reach their twilight years being afraid of going into a care home, and changes need to be made to the entire healthcare industry. No matter how low the pay or how hard the job is, there is no excuse for abuse. I am entirely behind Where is the Care, and so should all good care workers.


Professional Carer – Care Home

More people need to understand that we all deserve the best care possible at all times. This is more the case when an elderly person enters the Health service. As the person is often at more risk to their health in hospitals than at home. All people deserve the best care that can be given, respect is for all times, not just when you have time.  People in a caring role such as Nurses, Doctors and all other staff and not to forget family and visitors need to ensure a person’s care and dignity, and not just the person in front of you, but around you as well.

If you see something that may not seem right, then speak to someone ASAP, do not just leave it because it is not your patient or family member. Not all patients can speak for themselves or have the skills to question others about their care, far too many elderly will not question what is going on around them. They have grown up believing Doctors and other medical staff know best when it comes to caring. Nowadays with the cuts and the complicity of the modern Health Service, all staff have very little time to spare for individuals who are in their care.

When thing go wrong it is so important for people to be able to turn to someone who will listen to their concerns and then to give them the support to question the Health Service about their concerns and to receive real answers to their questions. Without this process of feedback then the service will find it harder to improve its care and the dignity of the elderly people it has the duty to care for.

Organisations like this one WhereIsTheCare which Katie Warren and her Family have set up and others around the UK are a real help to understand the problems that do happen and looking to work with the Health Service and Social Care to ensure all people receive a good standard of care and all people receive a standard of dignity all deserve.

Chair. Future East. The Forum on Ageing in the East of England – Peter Coleing


Ruth Gravelle works in the Essex area as a specialist teacher and alternative therapist providing: Dyslexia Screening, Advice & Therapy; Hypnotherapy; Subconscious Drawing Sessions; Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT); and Reiki.

The passion and determination of Katie and Kevin in their work to expect and promote acceptable standards of care for elderly and vulnerable people is clearly described on the Wherels IsTheCare Website. I wish to offer my absolute support to their dedicated mission in changing attitudes and establishing acceptable norms for the care and support of elderly people.

Dyslexia Specialist, Hypnotherapist


I would like to add my support to Where Is the Care. I have been in the health and care sector for over 30 years. My career has been involved in care of individuals. I believe that there should be transparency and accountability for all aspects of individual care inclusive of  the public and private sector. The much publicized levels of poor care that is all to prevalent should be thoroughly investigated to ensure measures are put in place. There should be accountability for actions taken, and the level of care given. Those who speak out are gagged, and  the truth is distorted and it is soon forgotten, but not to those affected.

Registered Nurse, Professional Carer, Foot Health Professional – Clyde Armitage

As a registered nurse working within a community setting I would be very happy to assist and help WhereisThe Care in their campaign for better care. I have witnessed both good and not so good standards of care in my line of work, some of which must improve, and the good examples from which we can learn to improve the care we all provide to people in our care. We are all privileged to be given the opportunity to care for someone in their hour of need, and should repay this trust with the care that we would expect ourselves. I truly believe that WhereisTheCare will take great steps in improving care and bringing together the good people from both givers and receivers of quality care.

Registered Nurse – Brian Howard RN

As a solicitor who provides expert opinions for other solicitors on health, social care and incapacity law and a former carer myself, I understand how difficult it is for carers to navigate the minefield of what is health and social care and put into place structures which ensure the best care is delivered.

It is a sad fact that there will never be enough money in the public coffers to deliver the level of care we would wish for people we care for, and we often have to find alternative way to provide support. All too often there is a lack of communication or cooperation  between health and social care professionals. What should happen- may not happen, and families can end up bewildered at why the system fails them and how on earth they can fix it- at least for their family.

Often the nature of caring prevents families from having the time and emotional energy to work out solutions to the relentless difficulties which present themselves along the care journey. Any support which enables families to realise they are not alone and importantly can provide constructive help, such as this website, must be welcomed.  I have recently written a book, called ‘Elderly People and the Law’, published by Jordan Publishing which may be useful for family carers, who feel the system is letting them down. You can find the book on the website below.


Solicitor, Lecturer, Author and Independent Consultant to the Legal Profession – Caroline Bielenska


As the Church of England and the three villages of Great Totham, Little Totham and Goldhanger, we seek to serve people of all ages with a broad spectrum of services and events throughout the year. Of particular interest to the elderly will be weekly Lunch Clubs at Honywood Hall, Gt Totham on Tuesdays and the United Reformed Church on Wednesdays.  We also visit and take Holy Communion to the elderly/housebound and offer care to those who are bereaved.  For more information contact me directly 01621 893150 or visit our website.

I strongly support Katie and Kevin in all they are doing for those who don’t have a voice, through Where Is The Care? They experienced first-hand, through the final year or two of Katie’s mother’s life, the consequences of problems in caring.  I admire their hard work and commitment to getting things changed for the better.

Parish Rector – Revd. Jonathan Pearce


I would like to wish Katie well in her work and with her website. Katie’s tenacity and will to give others as good an experience as possible, of the care system, is what drives her. The website will be a hub and an opportunity to connect people together and have their voices heard. It will provide mutual support. Congratulations on the years of hard work, time and energy you have put into this.

Counsellor/Psychotherapist – Ruth King

I offer 100 per cent support for everything that Katie and Kev are doing to get care up to standard we can be proud of and have faith in. Since I first met them they have put in so much blood sweat and tears to get justice and care where it should be. I admire and respect them greatly and hope this website will reach out to those who need it …. We need to stand together strongly and look after each other. I am a counsellor, a businessperson (IPL Hair Reduction, Laser Teeth Whitening), a carer, and someone who cares!

Counsellor – Patsy Charles


I have recently become aware of Katie and her organisation ‘Where Is The Care’ which stemmed from the shocking lack of care for her Mum Renee while in hospital and care homes. I witnessed this same appalling lack of care and abuse (mental and physical) when my husband had to enter a nursing home in North London and so I wholeheartedly support the campaigning work Katie is doing together with her husband Kevin, family and friends.  I urge those who can to work alongside Katie, for I know only too well what a long and wearisome journey it becomes.

I have campaigned for many years in a number of ways.  Contacting government at the highest level, concerned organisations, local councils and health bodies, charities and numerous individuals. I did make some inroads but I saw it as a ‘drop in the ocean’ really.

Even so, every  ‘drop’ increases the size of the ‘ocean’ every action taken, no matter how small and no matter how insignificant it may appear, must gradually swell the numbers of people who become aware of what is still going on.  Then we hope, that they too will be encouraged to act when they see abuse and disregard for an individual’s right to respect and kindness and report what they have seen and like you Katie, keep pressing for answers and action.  With increased awareness and reporting, we stand more chance of changing what has been going on for so many, many years.

Not all care homes are badly run but there are far too many that are. These are the ones that have stepped off the road of humanity and are treading a path that leaves us all tarnished and our country disgraced. All the very best to you Katie and everyone helping you.  

Campaigner – Pamela Wells, Barnet, Herts

As a former Advocate I worked with Katie and Kevin when Katie’s mother Reneè was ill. Renee was treated in hospital and was then admitted to several social services care homes in Essex.  During that time I supported Katie and Kevin to complain about Reneès treatment both in hospital and in the so called ‘care’ homes she attended.  Throughout that time the treatment and care that Reneè received was to say the least appalling and way below the standard you would expect.  Katie and Kevin found themselves in a world they knew nothing about.  Professionals in the NHS and from social care gave conflicting advice and information making a very difficult time for Reneè, Katie and Kevin totally intolerable.


Katie and Kevin have worked extremely hard and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and contacts to publicise the many things that can and do go wrong when a loved one is admitted to hospital and is then ‘cared’ for in the social care system.  They have both worked tirelessly to try to ensure that what happened to them does not happen to anyone else and that people have a central point with their website ‘Where is the Care?’ where they can go to access information and contact others who are experiencing similar situations so they do not feel isolated and bewildered as Katie and Kevin did.


I admire them both a great deal and feel privileged to have met them and wholeheartedly support their website and their quest to enable people’s voices to be heard to champion improvements in the NHS and the social care system.


Former Advocate

Speaking from my professional experience working in both the private and public health care sector, I am in complete support of  the objectives and motivations of Where Is The Care. It is vital that the health care sector starts to be driven by people that have a passion for loving and serving others and not those who are drawn to the profession due to salary, need of a job or desire to seek control over the lives of others. Unfortunately, despite it’s efforts, the Care Quality Commission is failing to protect the well being of all those that depend on the service of the care sector. Therefore, Where Is The Care’s work, and other organisations like it is vital if we are to change the lives of the service users for the better.

Gabriella Clarke logo1                      Gabriella Clarke Dip.Hyp Dip.PC Ad.Dip.PC MHS MNCS (ACC)


I support Katie and Kevin without hesitation. Having been a carer in UK (now living in Australia) I witnessed dreadful behaviour by staff in a private nursing home. It has made me so afraid of becoming old and being treated in the same way. I witnessed staff pulling patients hair, not allowing dessert if they did not eat their dinner like a child, hitting, locking them in their rooms, to save on pads letting them lay in their own faeces Putting one couple in separate rooms they must have been married for over 60 years they screamed and cried for each other constantly and I could go on.  I complained and I was dismissed.

I admire Katie and Kevin for all their hard work and dedication.


Ex-Professional Carer – Karen Murphy

Jonathan Barker, Project Manager for a large UK Environmental Charity supports Whereisthecare.  Our charity understands that a compassionate and advanced society gives the best care to those in need. This project helps to give a voice to families when the system has let them down, and highlights gaps in our care provision that need addressing.

Environmental Charity – Project Manager

Where is the Care?  How many times have we heard that cry when things have gone wrong, either with NHS Care or Social Care? When our complaining has only resulted in stereotyped apologies and empty promises that never come to any fruition and still the lack of care continues.

When we do not know who to turn to for help, support and advice or just to get justice for our loved one. There has to be better provision and care for our elderly and I do believe that this website, set up by people who have experienced astronomic failure in service provision to an elderly patient, is a step forward in helping to improve the patient/next of kin information services where someone will actually LISTEN AND ACT! Shared experiences that can lead to realistic results can sharpen all of our care services to the elderly – especially as many of us are in the queue to arrive at that age.

When we are faced with difficult situations there needs to be people who can not only suggest solutions to our complaints or poor processes, but give words of encouragement and support that will assist us in our journey. Maintaining an optimistic outlook is always important as no matter how difficult the situation or circumstance that one is attempting to get changed, you should always hold the belief that you will be able to get a good response from a provider and actually get a mutually agreed result that satisfies everyone.

Some situations take longer than others to resolve but what is important is that you keep on chipping away until you get the answers you require or until it is not possible to get any further. Whilst it is not always possible to get solutions and all the answers to our situations; we must never be afraid to ask for help from others to drive forward changes in Care.  I sincerely support and commend the purpose of this website.

Congregational Church Pastor, Veteran’s Chaplain and Certified Independent Advocacy Practitioner – Revd. John Mills

I would like to endorse the website and the work that is produced by the whole team at WhereIsTheCare.  Through this website people will be informed, and enabled to make informed decisions, regarding their care pathway.  Stories are real life experiences by real people and through them people around England will be enlightened and be able to be empowered in the choices they make or would be making.

Chipema Chitambala RGN, Dip HSM, MSc Public Health, CBF, END 941,298, 998.

I am a housewife and my husband is a Police Officer – we feel the standards of elderly care in the UK need to be raised and we wholeheartedly agree with and 100% support “WhereIsTheCare”.  Kelly, Wickford, Essex

Police Officer’s Wife

Katie and Kevin have been an invaluable source for me when I needed information with regard to the terrible system failures I had experienced at the hands of government and other agencies who failed in the care of my elderly mother last year.

Thanks to Where Is The Care I was able to get the help I needed for mum and get things back on track. Thanks to their generous and tireless efforts, it also looks like there could now be some light at the end of the tunnel with regard to what Katie and Kevin are doing for the many other people who are not getting the services they deserve; when they most deserve them: when they are most vulnerable.

What I experienced truly worries me about how many elderly folk are being treated in a ‘numbers’ game which is badly managed and which lacks resources for our increasingly growing elderly generation.

Well done and thank you Katie and Kevin. xx

Unpaid Family Carer – Kevin O’Sullivan, Brentwood

As a gardener working in domestic situations, I have met some wonderful people trying to remain independant in their own homes. For some elderly people, there are very few people left in their lives that can help, leaving them isolated and vulnerable. My own parents both became ill at the same time both with dementia (in Essex), I was also caring (originally gardening) for an elderly neighbour, also with dementia. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost, it is like suddenly getting a job you did not ask for and can’t pass on to anybody else. So a resource like the website would have provided much needed support and brings hope that our experiences can help others and promote a culture of improvement in care.
Wendy, BSc(Hons) Horticulture

Unpaid Family Carer – Wendy Way, Bishops Stortford

When my dear Mum was no longer able to cope on her own, due to Dementia & several falls & me as her only carer, the decision was made that she needed to go into a Care Home. How naïve was I to believe that this would give me peace of mind!?! The raising of my concerns with several  ‘PROFESSIONAL’ bodies, fell on deaf ears!  I was treated as a trouble maker & was actually told by one of these NHS professionals upon a visit to Mum, quote; ”that I was the only one to complain & that I had done nothing but to make trouble for the Care Home”.  I have nothing but praise & support for anyone that has the guts & determination to fight to expose the plight of our dear vunerable elderly people & their often disgusting treatment that is called ‘CARE FOR THE ELDERLY’!?!  WhereIsTheCare…..can always rely on my support!

Joyce Chown , Former unpaid family carer

Former unpaid family carer – Joyce Chown, Cambs

My experience of the hospital and care system is that carer families are not listened to in what we the families have to say. This has an impact on the care received.  Unfortunately all is guided by money, poliitics and ticking boxes it seems and not caring, this needs to change as we are all heading towards old age.  So I support Katie and Kevin Warren and WhereIsTheCare, these people are speaking up and more of us should do so to help to contribute to changing the system. And of course provision of information and knowledge is crucial.


Former Unpaid Family Carer – Caroline Hotson, Althorne

I am a carer for my husband and mother. I support Where is the Care as I feel this is only way we are going to makes changes to get better NHS /Social Services/Agencies and Care Homes to improve their care.

It is hard being an unpaid carer but it is worse when you cannot get the care needed because it is not out there.

If it was not for Katie and Kevin Warren and Where Is The Care’s support I may not have been able to continue to be a carer now.

You expect good care, it should be automatic, you should not have to fight for it.



Unpaid Family Carer – Janet Crane, Chelmsford

I have worked in a variety of areas of ‘care’. I have not had the stress and worry involved with caring for a family member but have worked in care homes whilst studying and training in mental health and counselling.  I have come across carers who are often referred to as ‘angels’, this kind of care, as with nursing, was once called a ‘vocation’ but unfortunately this attitude appears to be increasingly in the minority.  One reason, I feel, is possibly that with the loss of government funding ‘caring’ has become big business.  Some private care homes have been set up by people with no experience and/or employ staff, on low wages, regardless of whether they have suitable qualities and disposition for the work involved.

When I worked in a care home some of the staff were really dedicated but the owner seemed more dedicated to her finances. Mice droppings in the larder, cleaning the kitchens thoroughly only when an inspection was due, toilet bowls which were black and encrusted with faeces.  When I spoke to the owner, she threatened me with the sack.   In the 21st century, we are told this has changed, however I am led to believe that still, when staff raise concerns in some areas of care, whether in NHS hospitals or care homes, they are made to feel like traitor.

In the short time I have known Katie I have found her to be dedicated and passionately concerned about her cause, which is a just and honourable one. She works tirelessly, giving hours of time over-and-above her personal work load, as she attempts to highlight neglect and improve caring for our elderly and infirm.




Ex-Professional Carer, Counsellor, Author – Poppy Ann Miller, Heybridge

As a carer for my wife and member of Action for Family Carers, I support “Where is the Care” in aiming to achieve a consistent and high standard of care for seniors in the NHS.  I have witnessed and heard stories of amazing variations in the quality of care and food provided in local NHS hospitals.  How can you hope to get better in hospital if the food is unappetising or the only hot option is soup?  One carer’s husband lost a significant amount of weight in a local Chelmsford  hospital, but managed to put it all back on in a community hospital.  My wife now needs to go on a diet after following the same care route!

Best wishes


Unpaid Family Carer – Paul Osman, Chelmsford

It takes a special kind of person to fight for change in this World. It also takes an incredible amount of time, energy and dedication, especially in the face of a broken care system that doesn’t want to change. Kevin and Katie Warren suffered a traumatic experience with the care of a close relative and set about to make such a change for the benefit of others. This website is a result of their amazing dedication to try and ensure nobody has to suffer what they and their loved one suffered. My wife and I wholeheartedly support this website and congratulate Kevin and Katie on their achievement.


Unpaid Family Carer – Robin, Tiptree

Wishing you all the best for The Where is the Care website.  As an ex-carer, I feel carers need all the help that they can get and, to follow on, I would like to see a Where to Get the Help,  i.e. contacts – phone numbers – websites where there would be a whole host of information that could be accessed easily for carers and the cared for which I always found time consuming and frustrating to come by.



Former Unpaid Family Carer – Dorothy, Maldon