The sad fact of life is that as we get older our health and fitness will deteriorate.  For a great majority of us we will require some form of care and assistance to varying levels.  Our one true belief is that in those circumstances those who care for us will be professional and ensure that our dignity is maintained at all times. Unfortunately that is not always the case and it appears that there is an increasing number of reported cases where the quality of care falls far below the minimum standards of level of care that we are by statutory definition entitled to receive.

It is to the communities benefit that wherever possible we join together to help improve the care of our elderly and vulnerable community.  Katie and Kevin have done a fantastic job and not only deserve but require all of the encouragement, help and support that we as a community can give.  APA Property Services Ltd are a locally based firm of chartered surveyors and are fully supportive of Katie and Kevin’s outstanding commitment to this wonderful endeavour.  Well done to both of you keep up the good work.

Philip Antino, Managing Director



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