I have recently become aware of Katie and her organisation ‘Where Is The Care’ which stemmed from the shocking lack of care for her Mum Renee while in hospital and care homes. I witnessed this same appalling lack of care and abuse (mental and physical) when my husband had to enter a nursing home in North London and so I wholeheartedly support the campaigning work Katie is doing together with her husband Kevin, family and friends.  I urge those who can to work alongside Katie, for I know only too well what a long and wearisome journey it becomes.

I have campaigned for many years in a number of ways.  Contacting government at the highest level, concerned organisations, local councils and health bodies, charities and numerous individuals. I did make some inroads but I saw it as a ‘drop in the ocean’ really.

Even so, every  ‘drop’ increases the size of the ‘ocean’ every action taken, no matter how small and no matter how insignificant it may appear, must gradually swell the numbers of people who become aware of what is still going on.  Then we hope, that they too will be encouraged to act when they see abuse and disregard for an individual’s right to respect and kindness and report what they have seen and like you Katie, keep pressing for answers and action.  With increased awareness and reporting, we stand more chance of changing what has been going on for so many, many years.

Not all care homes are badly run but there are far too many that are. These are the ones that have stepped off the road of humanity and are treading a path that leaves us all tarnished and our country disgraced. All the very best to you Katie and everyone helping you.  



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