Essex County Councillor Cllr Anne Brown, former Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, currently Cabinet Member for Communities and Healthy Living said “ I firmly believe that Essex County Council has a responsibility to ensure our elderly residents are cared for and supported by us, the community and care providers in Essex. The following corporate outcomes set out the standards we aspire to for our citizens: that people in Essex can live independently and exercise control over their lives, that they enjoy good health and wellbeing, that they can live in safe communities and are protected from harm.

We are committed to ensuring those who need our support receive appropriate, timely and personal care and that they are treated with dignity and respect. I completely support the work of and the work they are doing in raising awareness. If we do not know where there are problems in the system then we can’t fix them; if we do not know where there is good practice, then we can’t share it. I hope that by sharing experiences we can together build better care services for residents”.
Cllr Anne Brown, Cabinet Member – Adult Social Care, Essex County Council



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