As a former Advocate I worked with Katie and Kevin when Katie’s mother Reneè was ill. Renee was treated in hospital and was then admitted to several social services care homes in Essex.  During that time I supported Katie and Kevin to complain about Reneès treatment both in hospital and in the so called ‘care’ homes she attended.  Throughout that time the treatment and care that Reneè received was to say the least appalling and way below the standard you would expect.  Katie and Kevin found themselves in a world they knew nothing about.  Professionals in the NHS and from social care gave conflicting advice and information making a very difficult time for Reneè, Katie and Kevin totally intolerable.


Katie and Kevin have worked extremely hard and have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and contacts to publicise the many things that can and do go wrong when a loved one is admitted to hospital and is then ‘cared’ for in the social care system.  They have both worked tirelessly to try to ensure that what happened to them does not happen to anyone else and that people have a central point with their website ‘Where is the Care?’ where they can go to access information and contact others who are experiencing similar situations so they do not feel isolated and bewildered as Katie and Kevin did.


I admire them both a great deal and feel privileged to have met them and wholeheartedly support their website and their quest to enable people’s voices to be heard to champion improvements in the NHS and the social care system.




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