I was the sole carer for my late wife. She suffered an enforced use of the Liverpool Care Pathway at a local Hospice. It took 18 months for any acknowledgement that the process and the complaint procedure was badly handledThe pressure of such a situation can leave anyone feeling that they are on their own. It helps to be in touch with others who are going through, or have been through, such a traumatic experience. So often people feel that they are unsupported: knowing that things are plainly wrong and fighting to get anyone to understand or to help change things.

Katie and Kevin Warren offer lots if help and support through Where Is The Care. I can recommend them as a channel and a focus point for raising support and communicating experiences to others who might understand, offer help, or simply offer moral support.

The more people who are able to support each other, the more good they can do together.  The WITC website offers a real opportunity to connect with and help others to get their voice heard. 





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