As a care worker with several years of experience, I am very lucky that I have never witnessed any incidents of abuse or neglect by the very people paid and trained to look after vulnerable and elderly adults. I was as shocked as everyone else was on watching the recent documentary about care home abuse, with aggressive care workers, neglected patients and devastated family members. There are good carers working in homes and hospitals but unfortunately in an environment where there becomes a culture of abuse and poor practice, there are those who can’t or won’t speak out and the abuse can continue until relatives do something drastic, like install a camera in the persons bedroom. People should be aware these incidences can and have happened, no matter how nice the home seems.

Katie and Kevin have made it their mission to expose these incidences from people who felt like no action would be taken, from their own bad experiences they are dedicated to ensuring those who have the power to change the system are made aware. No one should ever reach their twilight years being afraid of going into a care home, and changes need to be made to the entire healthcare industry. No matter how low the pay or how hard the job is, there is no excuse for abuse. I am entirely behind Where is the Care, and so should all good care workers.




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