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WhereIsTheCare is totally and utterly independent funded by family funds.  Going through complaint processes over the last years, the idea was born.  We have made it clear to those organisations and people we have been in complaint processes with that this what we had planned.  That we would be telling mum’s and our story for the benefit of others.  We have tried to refrain from making emotional comments and stick to the facts.  Please forgive us if we have slipped up here and there, the process has been painful.

It is a website in memory of Reneé (Dewey) and the poor care she received.   Passed away 2010, 91 years of age.

This is her, and our, story.  Mum Reneé, daughter Katie, and her son-in-law Kevin.


We are a family who live in Maldon, Essex, and of our own volition we are collecting stories, experiences, information, and tips and publishing them on our the website to help vulnerable elderly people and their unpaid family carers.  We believe in order to get change and improvement in the care of our eldely vulnerable we need to raise awareness and highlights areas of poor care, and where good practice exists.

We also believe that knowledge is power.  We, unpaid carer families, need to empower ourselves with information, if we are going to get through this mire of a care system positively.

Information about elderly care provision in Essex is pooled together.  Drawn from: our personal experiences, others’ experiences, shared stories, information we are seeking out, coming across, looking out for, being told about and being provided given and offered all many of professionals, authorities, organisations, companies, individuals, you!

Gathering it all in one place at our own cost and time, to empower with knowledge the unpaid carer family, and those that will become unpaid care families in the future.  Sharing information, guiding you to people, places, organisations and websites that may help you.

If you can volunteer and help us in any way please contact us.  If you have ideas to help fund us, let us know please.


Who Is WhereIsTheCare About?



(Reneé with husband Bert)


Renee & Bert001Renee & Bert004


Reneé at Action for Family Carers in Maldon, great place.        With Katie.

IMG_0208                   IMG_0103


What happened to mum and us as a family has traumatised our lives, despite everything we tried to do within our power, knowledge and capabilities at that time to prevent an awful care experience, it still happened to us.  We do not wish this to happen to any other vulnerable elderly person or their family.

This site raises awareness of what ‘may’ happen in the care of your elderly vulnerable person so you are forewarned and forearmed with as much information as we can give you from our own painful experiences.  And from that which we can glean from the experiences of others who are sharing their stories with us.

We, Katie and Kevin, have come to the conclusion that “you don’t know what you don’t know” and when you get stuck in the system, without adequate information coming forward, you need as much help as you can get.  We want to give you all that we know, all that we can search out, as much useful information as possible relating to  different areas of eldelry vulnerable peoples’ care and help for their family carers to try and enable a more positive care journey.  We truly hope that reading this site will make some difference to you and your relative, loved one or person you are caring for.


What We Are Aiming To Do

See Aims of This Site section here for further details

We are not always good writers or eloquent.  This site is not perfect.  Don’t expect it to be please.  We just want to try and make a difference to the care the vulnerable elderly are receiving as best we can.  We need your help of course – this site is for you, by you (vulnerable elderly and unpaid carers/carer families).

This site contains information to give you everything we have learned that we can remember, however small, going through mum’s and our experience.  And we want YOUR information, YOUR tips, YOUR experiences.  Sharing is power, empowering ourselves as carer families/unpaid carers with knowledge is crucial.  We have to look out for ourselves, we have to know what we are entitled to, what we can ask for, be aware of what is available if we are not being told, and to determine whether what we are being told is correct and is the full information.  We need to be aware of our options so we can make informed choices.

We ask you the public, unpaid carers/carer families and all others, to come forward and share in your thousands, information, tips, articles, point us in the direction of more information and things that carer families/unpaid carers would find useful, sometimes crucial to know.  There may be things that we are told that are not entirely correct or exhaustive on this site (See DIsclaimer), it is meant as a guide for you, to signpost you to where you may go to get the full information, what ‘may’ be available, if we hear of something that might help we will let you know.  We are not the professionals and don’t profess to be.

We ask companies and professionals and organisations, all to come forward to help provide information to our site.   Please help us do that and contact us.  Please show that you wish to engage with our readers.  If you would like to give us a paragraph of support (see Our Supporters page) please contact us.

One voice together can make positive changes!  We truly believe this.

We want to thank very much all the carers, MPs, organisations, professionals and companies who have come forward in the launch of our site for their support.


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What We Want to do With Your Stories/Experiences – A very important part of what we are aiming to achieve

Stories and experiences (you can give them anonymously or not) given to us will be collated and gathered into focussed and specific subject areas.  (We do not deal with individual issues although we may intervene should there be reported some very serious neglect/abuse or we feel there might be if we don’t.  If an organisation or authtority specifically requests that they would like to know about individual concerns and they are anonymously reported to us, be assured we will not do this without the express permission of the story giver).

We will then engage with various authorities/organisations/providers as another channel for them to receive feedback about their services.  In turn we are asking them to agree to feed back to us comments, investigations, actions, plans for improvement.  We will publish this here for you to read.  So any authorities or organisations reading this who are not part of our site and wish to be, please contact us.


IMG_0657          Katie and Kev Restaurant cropped


Reneé and Katie                                                          Katie and Kevin